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First the original, by Soundgarden:

Now the cover by Johnny Cash:

Verdict? Cash in a 2nd round knockout. The original is fantastic and defines Soundgarden in a large way. They were a great live band and Cornell is one of the best rock vocalists ever. Cash, however, does the near impossible and makes the song not only his own, but redefines it completely – and pulls it off to perfection.

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I was not the biggest Cash fan growing up. I bristled at anything remotely “country”. Dad was a big fan so I got a solid foundation on the basics. It wasn’t until his later years and his crossover to the rock side of the world that I gained more respect and began to pay more attention to him. I got to meet him once in the Nashville airport. Super nice and down to earth type. Smaller in stature than you’d think.

His cover of Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage solidified me as a fan. Bloody brilliant. One of the best re-tellings of […]

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