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Just in case you missed it.  Also, note the second part of the initial footage in which […]

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Here’s some video from yesterday’s unofficial debate between John Boccieri and his opponent at his opponent’s “town hall” event.

The federal government needs to get out of the way and have local governments on civil rights.  Says its not a federal issue…

RENACCI: […] A lot of the problems you’re talking about are local issues. And I’m also a firm believer that the federal government and our Constitution was based on freedom, and was based on the freedoms that our number one goal of our military is freedom. We need to get our federal government […]

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Some conservatives, and the campaign itself, is crowing about GOP challenger Jim Renacci’s FEC report he filed several days early.  Except, underneath the press releases is a FEC report that has alot of smoke and mirrors.

Roughly one-third of the campaign’s “individual” donations came from the candidate himself… on the last few days of the reporting period.  Rennaci donated $200,000 to his own campaign using the fortune he’s made selling Cash for Clunker calls and running and selling nursing homes dependent on federal entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.  This, we are told, makes him an ideal candidate for […]

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Congressman John Boccieri’s Republican opponent announced that he will match dollar for dollar donations made to his campaign until tomorrow night from his “personal fortune.”

How did Jim Renacci make his fortune?

In 1985, Jim entered the healthcare industry, forming LTC Management Services, which owned and operated nursing home facilities throughout Ohio.

That’s right.  Jim Renacci’s “personal fortune” came from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Renacci’s auto dealership accepted money from “Cash for Clunkers,” too.

Matt Naugle has been blasting the SEIU for help funding the DGA’s ads […]

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I just read Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s story previewing John Boccieri’s re-election campaign for the 16th Ohio Congressional District.  And I cannot help but think of the Ohio conservative blogsphere’s hyping of the 6th Congressional race in 2006.

We were told, time after time, that there was no way that the Democrats would hold onto the Sixth Congressional District now that Ted Strickland left the seat to run for Governor.  Charlie Wilson was an unknown in what should be a Republican district.  His campaign was inept (so inept that his campaign manager, Wilson’s son, failed […]

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems…. it’s hard to be a trust fund baby.

Talking Points Memo has the story about how John Boccieri’s likely GOP opponent just settled a major tax liability with the State of Ohio.

Of course, these tax issues never matter.

Just ask Sec. of HHS Thomas Daschle…

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John Boccieri announced today that he will support the reconciliation Health Care reform bill this weekend, after voting against the House bill just a few months ago.

With Kucinich also switching, Ohio’s congressional delegation will support Health Care Reform with more votes than it did in the House bill (even if Driehaus switches to No.)

Driehaus is still not a certain no, but the New York Times wrote that part of the angling to get Democrats in safe districts like Kucinich to vote yes was to permit a number of defections in marginal or Republican leading district like– […]

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The Columbus Dispatch indicates that John Boccieri’s latest statement indicates that he is considering supporting health care reform in the final form, despite voting against the House version last year.

?After reviewing the president?s health care proposal and watching portions of his bipartisan health care summit, I?m encouraged the proposal contains important provisions to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse and reduce the deficit,” Boccieri said. “I am hopeful that going forward from last week?s summit with bipartisan ideas, we can finally move toward providing affordable, quality coverage for everyone.?

I think after Boccieri came back to the district, […]

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When asked what the bill would have to contain to get his support when it came out of a House-Senate conference committee for a final vote, he wouldn’t answer. When asked why Medina County Democrats should continue to trust him, he didn’t have an answer. He repeatedly told us how he was sacrificing time with his family to meet with us on a Sunday afternoon, even though he had chosen the date and the time. In short, he was defensive, evasive, and condescending.

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Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy knows that the national Republicans have painted a big target on her back.? She knows she’s likely facing a rematch from her ’08 opponent in which she narrowly won thanks, in part, to a high youth turnout fueled by the presidential election that is unlikely to materialize in ’10.

And yet, she not only voted for the House health insurance reform bill, but she also voted against the Stupak anti-choice amendment.

If you’ve got some spare change, give Kilroy some coin.? If you live in the area and have some spare time, then give […]

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I first met John Boccieri on the Tim Ryan campaign trail in 2002.? Boccieri always struck me as very Marc Dann-ish;? always hovering around, sniffing out the political winds, looking for whatever angle he could help himself to.? Seemed like a nice guy, but I always got the sense he was up to something.? When Boccieri joined the military, seemed very Josh Mandel-ish to me.? Look at me in uniform!? People like Boccieri think they’re smarter than everyone else, and that no one notices their blatant careerism.

When Boccieri got elected to Congress, it was one of those blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut moments.? […]

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