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Some descriptive statements may seem political when they are, in fact, merely stubborn truths. Such is the case with the fact that the contemporary Republican party, at least on the federal level, lacks both the ideas and the will to improve American health care. To be sure, Republicans take positions all the time that will dramatically impact Americans’ health, and in important ways. But those impacts are ancillary, mere collateral damage in wars being waged in the other policy domains, such as concerned with taxes and guns.

Let’s be clear about the present situation. In 2016, the Republican party lined […]

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Official Obama-Biden Tax Calculator

On October 14, 2008 By

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator

(they need a widget)

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VP Debate Wordle, Also

On October 3, 2008 By

Great stuff from Plutonium Page @kos. VP debate Wordle.

Joe Biden:

Sarah Palin:


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Biden/Palin Debate Polling

On October 2, 2008 By

CNN Biden 51/ Palin 36

CBS Biden 56/ Palin 21

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Interesting point:

Joe Biden did more for the equality of the sexes with his honest display of paternal emotion during the vice presidential debate than Sarah Palin’s presence on the executive ticket has or will ever do.

Because as we all know, only women are emotional.

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Watch the lines work their way up then plumment when Palin begins to speak. This was certainly a “moment”. Guy almost chokes up and Palin ignores it in order to get out some “maverick” talking point.

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I don’t even need to watch the rest of it. That’s my verdict. Biden looked almost Presidential while Palin sounded like she was trying out for a role in Fargo.

Best line of the night was Biden’s “ultimate bridge to nowhere”.

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Thoughts on Palin Pick

On August 29, 2008 By

Lots of commentary out there. Obviously our rightwing friends are very happy as Palin appears to be a certified wingnut: Columbuser, WMD (yikes! another horrid new design), Bizzy, Naugle is silent (but sure to be on board soon), Anonymous Wingnut Blogger Taxman (thinks she’s MORE experienced than either of the Dems – hah!), Thurber seems to like it and uses the “executive” argument, AOL Nixguy Dave Staley thinks it’s “brilliant” (while being underwhelmed by the Obama speech – hehe), and Ben Keeler likes it (thought I think he just lost a bet).


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DNC Day 3: Building to History

On August 27, 2008 By

This was by far the best night of the convention. I was of the mindset that it was going along too slowly and overall was weak, but the more I think about it the more I realize every day built upon the other. Every speaker played a part to build toward history.

Day 1 we saw Ted Kennedy make one of the most courageous speeches in modern politics. For him to even make it out to Denver was an accomplishment. To then eschew a stool in his quest to pass the torch to a new generation of Democratic leaders […]

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It’s 3am…

On August 23, 2008 By

(scary voice) It’s 3am. You get a text message.

Who is ready to lead?


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