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On January 20th, 2011, Governor Kasich released additional details of his JobsOhio plan to privatize certain functions of the Ohio Department of Development.   Governor Kasich boldly promised that he, as Governor, would be directly involved with economic development in the State, a slap at Governor Strickland and other past Governors that allowed others to run the Ohio Department of Development’s efforts.  Kasich also boldly promised that JobsOhio would be “self-funding” in that it could rely on private funding sources from the business sector alone and would eliminate the need for sustained State funding.  More importantly, John Kasich said […]

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HB 1, which created RobsOhio, was railroaded through the legislature so quickly (36 days from introduction to being signed into law.) it made the legislature’s consideration of SB 5ook downright deliberative in comparison. 

After it passed the Ohio House, Speaker Batchelder admitted that he had deep concerns that the bill he just passed for the Governor was unconstitutional.  The Senate never really addressed these concerns, but instead just consented to the changes the Senate made.

One of the provisions of HB 1 (Section 6) was a mandate that any legal challenge to JobsOhio constitutionality could only be […]

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During the campaign, John Kasich heavily criticized Ted Strickland for having an interim director at the Ohio Department of Development before making her the permanent director.

PolitiFact called this statement from Kasich “False” because it implied that there was no leadership in the office during that time when for the most part it was run by the same person.  But Kasich continued to use the line of attack, saying that the failure of the Strickland Administration in having steady leadership in the agency was a reason for Ohio’s economic problems during the Great Recession.

So, how has Kasich […]

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The Canton Repository has the must-read political story of the day.  It did some digging and found that the extent in which the company was really in negotiations to move to other States (specifically Virginia and North Carolina) was far less further along than presented.

Let’s recap what we already knew before today’s story.  Diebold was given an essentially free global world headquarters in Ohio that will cost an estimated $100 million that will be paid for entirely by State and local economic development dollars in exchange for a promise that the company will not reduce its workforce […]

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Today’s Dispatch article about Mark Kvamme adds a new piece to the puzzle that suggests there is something highly unusual about his interest in JobsOhio and Ohio in general, especially for a guy committed to return to his California-based venture capital firm by the end of this summer.

We know that Kvamme first worked on Kasich’s ‘00 Presidential campaign as a “Senior Internet Strategist.”  We know that for years John Kasich was able to keep his oldest and closest congressional aides paid by keeping them on the payroll of his federal PAC, New Century, which did little but… keep […]

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As Governor Kasich and his allies boast about how JobsOhio is putting Ohio at the head of a “jobs race” among the States, several national media outlets question what the heck Ohio is thinking.

You know, liberal rags like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, which both have reported that many of these economic development efforts fail to make meaningful progress in improving an area’s economy, but do encourage businesses to engage in an incentives racket to pit one area against another.

When Kasich starts to lose even the Wall Street Journal, well, game over, man…. game over.

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Governor Kasich began his first 100 days in office talking about people “needed to get on the bus” and “strap on their seatbelts” as he pushed to enact his conservative agenda to move his Administration “at the speed of business.” Proving that Kasich was better at making clichés than making good public policy.

Governor Kasich gets the House to pass his JobsOhio plan quickly despite widespread skepticism and bipartisan concern over its lack of transparency and potential for ethical problems. He dismantles Governor Strickland’s education reforms.

Yet, despite a host of legislative victories, from JobsOhio to SB 5, Governor Kasich finds himself ending the first 100 days with an unmoved 30% approval rating and a disapproval rating that has doubled in two months.

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John Kasich’s JobsOhio and the $100 million liquor securitization that his budget seeks to fund it seem to be designed to turn Ohio’s Development Department into a semi-private venture capital firm.  Given that’s Mark Kvamme’s comfort zone, and public economic development efforts are not, it’s not surprising.  What is surprising is the utter lack of anyone objectively and critically examining such a worldview as a model for economic development.

A few weeks ago, the Dispatch reported that Governor Kasich was spitballing yet another half baked idea of attracting private venture capitalists by changing Ohio’s tax code so there […]

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Our companion blog, Ohio Budget Watch, has done an initial review of the Administration’s figures on “privatizing” and then “securitizing” the State’s revenues derived from liquor sales.

In short, it appears Kasich is proposing what is considered thirty years of revenue which based on historical data would amount to roughly over $6 billion for the price of $1.5 billion today.  He uses a third of that money, half a billion, to create one-time money to help balance the State’s budget, in return for denying Ohio a pretty reliable quarter of  a billion for the twenty-eight years after Kasich’s […]

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Last week, I mentioned that Kasich both said we can’t tax or cut our way to prosperity, which begged the question: what is then Kasich’s plan to develop more prosperity to all of Ohio?

Well, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Governor Kasich is expected to announce tomorrow that Ohio’s path to prosperity is to booze it up.  According to today’s Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s budget will essentially earmark profits from liquor sales for the State to fund RobsOhio.

Minus whatever is need to pay off bond debts that are presently back by liquor profits, this could […]

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I’ve actually not fully processed today’s story that it appears several Democrats in the State Senate are now supporting SB 1—the bill that will create the private entity named RobsOhio.  But I thought I should at least play devil’s advocate to put the decision into perspective.

First, let’s remember that nobody who runs for office does so with the desire to not make a difference or to be politically irrelevant.  And, frankly, there traditionally has been no group treated as more politically irrelevant as the Senate Democrats.  During the last few years, it was only until Republicans were unable to […]

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