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Jim Heath is a John Kasich shill. There’s really no other way to explain it. What he’s doing isn’t journalism and it certainly isn’t just “talking to real people about the economy“. The only way you can look at an article by Jim Heath at ONN is a political hit and cover for John Kasich.

The article highlights a Chillicothe resident, Megan Gibson, who according to Jim is a “lifelong Democrat”. Megan never makes this claim you’ll note, only calling herself “a Democrat”. It’s unclear whether Megan actually told Jim she was a lifelong Dem or he […]

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Here’s Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols Mansfield News Journal in response to Governor Strickland’s recent campaign appearance there:

Because of Ted Strickland’s mismanagement, Ohio still has higher unemployment than every neighboring state but Michigan, and we’re recovering more slowly,” Nichols wrote in an e-mail to the News Journal. “Relief is coming, however, and John Kasich encourages Ohioans to stay positive and hang in there because if he’s elected governor in November, we’ll be able to reduce spending and begin reducing taxes so we can revive the economy and create jobs.

Yes, it’s true that only Michigan is the only […]

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Please. We’re dying to know. Which companies over the course of the past 16 years did you advise to leave Ohio and take their jobs with them? The media might take note that 3/4 of this time Governor Strickland was not the Governor and those 12 years were firmly in the hands of Republicans. So Mary Taylor is essentially saying her own party is responsible for the dire situation the state is in – or at least 75% responsible.

Small biz owner and Ohioan Chuck Hootman not only wants to know how many companies John Kasich’s running mate […]

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Where to even begin?  First, if you’re going to have an ad about unemployment, why feature two Johnny Lunchpails driving in their work truck from . . . work?  Is this some kind of ham handed attempt by  Republicans to appeal to blue collar workers ?  It strikes me as an odd choice because the fictitious “messengers” don’t really mesh with the message.

Second, the acting and dialogue is just cheesy.  The guy say “bad Governor” in the same tone one says to a puppy that isn’t housebroken.  The pace of the dialogue almost lulls me to sleep.  Third, […]

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So, here’s all that happened today in the Ohio Governor’s race.  I think you need to review the day just to see how bad it, and the rest of the week, was for the non-existent Kasich campaign:

The day started with a new Ohio jobs report that showed a drop in unemployment fueled by gains in manufacturing, construction, and other private sector job growth… putting Ohio ahead of most states in job growth in May, especially per capita.  No reported response from the Kasich campaign. The jobs report also showed that Nevada, a non-income tax state now leads […]

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Start listening at the 2:08 mark.  Kasich says, again on video, that he favors repealing the income tax (which is still a weird way to talk about… your own proposal).

KASICH:  “The fastest growing States in the country, job creating States, are like places like Tennessee, Florida, and Texas and…. and…. Nevadah [sic in original.]

These are the States that John Kasich repeatedly has said he, as Governor, would turn Ohio into to emulate.

Nevada is a no income tax State, and it leads the nation alright.  It leads the nation in unemployment, the first time any […]

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While not as great as Ohio’s April jobs report, the report for May is still very good news… unless you’re John Kasich and you based your entire campaign on betting that the economy wouldn’t show signs of improving in Ohio well before the election.

Ohio reduced unemployment by .2% point reducing Ohio’s unemployment rate in May to 10.7%, thus returning Ohio to an unemployment rate it hasn’t seen in six months.  For the second month in a row, Ohio was one of the top States in monthly job growth.

Although the reduction in unemployment was partially […]

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I don’t think you have to be an expert to interpret this chart below. George W. Bush got us in a mess Barack Obama is digging us out of:

So, sure. Let’s debate jobs.

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Add to the base pandering list one Jennifer Brunner. Jennifer decided to go the route of the panderers even before Obama’s speech, which she spent being featured at a women’s forum. We call that pot shots from the cheap seats. If you have a strong principled stand against the President’s plans in Afghanistan you might want to have a forum on that during an important speech.

Hell, if you had a principled stand against escalation in Afghanistan you might campaign against the candidate who said in the campaign that he’d do just that. Jennifer, if I remember correctly, didn’t do […]

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My friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing directed me to this depressing article on the “Fastest Dying Cities” from Forbes. It says that Youngstown, Canton, Dayton and Cleveland are among the “worst” cities.

Luckily, AAM also linked me to this video about how this destruction of my home state can be reversed:

It looks like the federal government is extending a hand, but where are the companies – and the jobs? The fact that 84% of the stimulus money set aside for investing in clean energy has gone to foreign companies tells me something is […]

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Americans United New “No” Ad

On February 27, 2009 By

Good stuff:

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