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John Kasich likes to talk about how Ohio’s economy was terrible under his predecessor, but now, with him in charge, things are turning around.

Yesterday, statistics came out that show the exact opposite.

According to numbers released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, over the past two years, Ohio’s economy, as measured by its Gross Domestic Product, grew. That’s the good news.

The bad news for Kasich is that it slowed down tremendously after he took office.

In 2010, the last year of Governor Strickland’s administration, after the auto rescue and stimulus had been fully implemented, Ohio’s GDP […]

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This week, Governor Kasich made a bit of a fuss about Vice President Biden’s visit, suggesting on Facebook and Fox News that the White House should not take credit for jobs created by Ohio’s auto industry. He then hilariously went on to do the exact same thing:

We have created 1,400 direct auto manufacturing jobs

Here’s the thing about taking credit for job creation. If you’re going to do it when jobs are up, you have to take the blame when they’re down.

Which brings us to today’s news. Back in April Kasich told anyone who’d listen that […]

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Ohio-based Diebold Corporation announced yesterday that in the coming weeks it will begin moving nearly 200 Ohio jobs to India.

You may recall hearing Diebold in the headlines exactly one year ago.

On April 12, 2011, John Kasich proudly announced that he had struck a deal to keep the company in Ohio in which the company accepted a package of state and local incentives totaling $100 million, including $56 million from the State.


The State’s agreement, outlined in the May 23, 2011 minutes of the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, grants Diebold up to $2 million […]

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Just because he called the bailout of GM “throwing good money after bad,” apparently, didn’t stop Governor Kasich from going up to Toledo to participate in GM’s announcement that it was adding 400 jobs there. I wonder if they served him crow for lunch?

Meanwhile, ODP takes the opportunity to attack… Ken Blackwell over his opposition to the GM bailout that the non-lawyer called potentially “illegal.” Being a Republican means never having to admit you were wrong.

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The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the Cincinnati Public School District is eliminating 145 teaching positions and thirty additional staff positions, all through attrition.  The Enquirer cites anticipated cuts in state funding in education as part of the reason.  Nearby Princeton School District has already announced a layoff of 100.  In a separate story, the Northwest School District in Hamilton County announced the elimination of 51 positions, 18 of which are teachers who will be laid off.

In today’s Dayton Daily News, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections announced the elimination of 50 positions, all through attrition, […]

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John Kasich’s JobsOhio and the $100 million liquor securitization that his budget seeks to fund it seem to be designed to turn Ohio’s Development Department into a semi-private venture capital firm.  Given that’s Mark Kvamme’s comfort zone, and public economic development efforts are not, it’s not surprising.  What is surprising is the utter lack of anyone objectively and critically examining such a worldview as a model for economic development.

A few weeks ago, the Dispatch reported that Governor Kasich was spitballing yet another half baked idea of attracting private venture capitalists by changing Ohio’s tax code so there […]

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Innovation Ohio released a study that concludes that Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” will cost Ohioans 51,000 jobs directly, the indirect number of job losses caused by the ripple in the economy was not calculated.  Here’s Dale Butland, Innovation Ohio’s Communication Director:

When Ohioans hear Gov. Kasich boast about his ‘jobs budget’, they mistakenly think he means a budget that creates jobs — not destroys them. But if the legislature enacts all the cuts contained in the Governor’s proposed budget, the 51,000 jobs we stand to lose is more than double the 22,000 jobs Ohio has gained since Gov. Kasich […]

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So the Dispatch has a story about how Kasich’s “Jobs” budget is running into the Law of Unintended Consequences.  For example, Kasich’s budget calls for 2% of employer pension contributions to be shifted over to employees.  How does this create jobs?  Kasich doesn’t even offer an explanation. It just helps Kasich balance the budget by, again, simply mandating that someone else pick up the State’s spending.

Anyway, the pensions have a requirement that they can pay off their obligations within thirty years.  If not, they have to make adjustments to their contributions and/or benefits, which, after the battering […]

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Remember when John Kasich used to say that any suggestion that he’d be bad for higher education was a “smear” even though he never once offered what his plan for higher education would be?

Well, today, John Kasich finally started sharing that vision (Source: Cincinnati Enquirer):

Ohio’s public colleges are getting the message from Gov.-elect John Kasich: Spend less money and make sure it helps create jobs.

"Just because you’re an egghead doesn’t mean you know how to plug something into a wall," he said in a briefing with new Cincinnati State President O’dell Owens. "They can […]

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Strickland Kasich 3C Letter

The Dispatch doesn’t even provide its website readers a link to the full letter, even though its available on the Governor’s website.  Instead, it presents the whole thing as a “he said, he said,” never once actually noting that much of what Kasich claims are bunk.

Kasich repeated that there are too many unanswered questions about how many people would ride the train, how fast it would go […]

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