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From the Dayton Daily News:

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From the Hamilton Pulse Journal:

“What a piece of artwork that just gets your attention,” Jacobs said. “It’s something that when you see it, it’s always embedded in your mind.”

How true…

Said 41-year-old Oxford resident Kimberly McAllister: “When I heard about it, my first thought was ‘How am I going to find Monroe now?’ ”

How ’bout that Exit sign you’ve never seen that says “Monroe” because you were too busy staring at the Holy Interstate Son of God?

“I think it’s a sign of the end of the world,” said Paul Wright, 21, of Oxford. “If […]

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Big Butter Jesus, a Southwestern Ohio national landmark/eyesore, was destroyed last night in a venegeful act of God/irony.

Here’s the before:

Here’s the after:

(HT: WLWT in Cincinnati for the images)

And here’s the Heywood Banks song that made Big Butter Jesus into a national treasure:

And here you can watch the statute burn in its sacrilegious glory:

This clearly was an Act of God and nothing to do with what happens when you wrap flammable Styrofoam in a big metal statute, drop it in a body of water in […]

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Following up on this insanity is this great stop motion video by someone I will now be following. Wicked good stuff:

Patrick Bolvin’s stuff is really amazing. You should spend some time on his YouTube channel. He even posts some “the making of” clips that are cool to watch in addition to the actual movies.


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More Jesus Sightings

On April 26, 2008 By

Jesus really is everywhere. Everywhere there is food, at least.

He’s in our Peeps. He’s in our toast.

And now- he’s showing up in our Cheetos too.

(see below for full video!)

Funny thing is- in the process of searching for a photo of the above cheesy Jesus I saw on TV- I found another one!

I can’t wait to see where he shows up next.

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