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Jerome Corsi is Cracee!

On August 15, 2008 By

(Newser) – Author Jerome Corsi, he of the Kerry Swift Boat book and the new attack tome on Barack Obama, has a long history of, um, provocative theories. For instance: The world’s oil supplies are nearly infinite because oil constantly replenishes itself. Politico takes a look at some of his more outlandish claims over the years and how they’ve undermined his credibility on both the left and right. Among them:

* Muslims worship Satan.
* President Bush secretly plotted to merge the US with Canada and Mexico.
* John Kerry is a communist.
* […]

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Ahum. That didn’t take long. I asked for it and it appears Team Obama is gonna give it to me (and many others all thinking and screaming the same thing: FIGHT!). This is really great to see and it’s only a warning shot straight across the bows of those who think it will work this time:

It’s called “Unfit for Publication,” but the subtitle could be: “We Are Not John Kerry’s Campaign.”

In an move that is one part genuine pushback and one part message-sending, Obama’s campaign has released a 41-page pdf file designed to rebut accusations […]

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I have to agree with Steve Elmendorf, Kerry’s 2004 deputy campaign manager:

Referring to Corsi’s most recent book, Elmendorf said, “It’s on the front page of The New York Times. It’s number one on The New York Times best-seller list. Right now, I would be very aggressive with reporters and factually going through the book and responding and making it clear that this is a bunch of bullsh-t.”

Don’t NOT, under any circumstances, repeat the mistakes the Kerry camp made in not going after these lies head on. Media Matters has already done a good job of […]

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