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All the David Krikorian hoopla has led to a very unrelated, but no less interesting, result.? Subodh Chandra confirms the central allegation of this cover story from the Cleveland Independent, which I wrote and researched in August, 2009.

That you did this, sir, is actually not “shocking.” It is a natural human thing to do to try to advance yourself. It may have seemed innocent and “real politik” enough at the time. After all, I’m sure you thought, aren’t you just describing reality–the world as it is, not as you want it to be? I’m sure that State […]

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ODP invited us bloggers to join Chris Redfern on a conference call this afternoon, which is awesome. ?I feel a detente of sorts beginning to thaw across the ODP-blogger landscape, largely because of how this primary season is shaping up. ?That’s great news for the fall.

I’m not sure why there isn’t more of this type of outreach, other than an old, tired, and now cliche insistence on continuing an arms length relationship between bloggers and ODP. ?Primaries tend to exacerbate that arms length relationship. ?Which brings me to my question for Chris Redfern on today’s call.

Will ODP, Redfern, […]

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First a personal note. I’ve been quiet around here due to some business travel followed by the worst kind of sickness. Two things I learned from my trip to Vegas: Fold aces preflop (lost with them in every way imaginable) and poker rooms and planes are flu breeding grounds! Ugh.

On to the topic du jour. While I was away we had a potential candidate to challenge Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary for Secretary of State, Sharen Neuhardt. We had the ODP force Garrison out of the race and anoint their own candidate in hopes of avoiding a […]

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I am preparing to write the glowingest post about Chris Redfern I’ve ever written, or probably ever will write. ?Mr. Chairman, feel free to start shopping for frames that match Plunderbund’s color scheme. ?Before I do that, I need to touch on the potential for an ODP endorsement in the post-Garrison SOS primary in favor of Maryellen O’Shaughnessy over Sharen Neuhardt.

To be clear – I do not support ODP endorsements in primaries, ever. ?However, in this instance, an ODP endorsement was a last bullet, albeit high caliber, in the chamber aimed at getting out Jennifer Garrison. ?Whether that potential […]

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Just got a statement from the Garrison campaign. ?She’s done with politics.

State Representative Jennifer Garrison, announced today she will not seek the Democratic nomination for Ohio Secretary of State….

Garrison does not plan to seek re-election to the Ohio House of Representatives.

This is how a coward leaves politics. ?It fits with how this coward campaigned for office – gay baiting a neanderthal grunt of petty hatred in a tiny portion of the electorate in order to gain political office. ?Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Jennifer, you will not be missed. ?To paraphrase what you […]

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That’s what this story and this quote means.

Speaking at an Associated Press-sponsored conference for reporters, Redfern did not throw his support behind Garrison, who represents a competitive state House district that Democrats could struggle to keep if she runs for secretary of state.

“I feel confident she’ll hold that seat, if that’s her choice,” Redfern said.

Fernsy is very publicly letting it be known that it is ODP that is pushing out Garrison, and about to potentially endorse O’Shaughnessy. ?He wants the credit. ?If he pulls it off, he’ll deserve it.

Not quite time for a blog victory […]

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Good.? Now is the time for Jennifer Garrison to drop out.

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Eric touched on Sharen Neuhardt being drafted for Secretary of State.

Of course, this is all rumor until we here at PB confirm it. I am comfortable stating that what Anthony is hearing is correct*. I?ll also add that I?m hearing this was a true grassroots draft movement from progressives unhappy with Garrison as a candidate. Neuhardt was asked to run and is currently gauging support in the form of pledges to make a decision which way to go.

In addition, the rumors continue to grow louder that Garrison may drop out. ?It’s time. ?Jennifer Garrison has learned, very […]

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Anthony at ODB breaks the news that former candidate for Congress in OH-07 Sharen Neuhardt is considering a run for Secretary of State to oppose Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary.

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle of President Obama’s visit to Ohio, but it’s an interesting development and an important one. Jennifer Garrison desperately needs a primary. Despite the bewildering cover this conservative wolf in Democratic sheep’s clothing received from the largest progressive mouthpiece in Ohio, there is a large grassroots sentiment opposing Garrison on a statewide ticket. The gay and lesbian […]

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I’m going to give you a Madden playbook why John Kasich’s courtship of State Auditor Mary Taylor makes no sense for anyone but John Kasich.? But let’s start with the most obvious point: it is absolute insanity for the Republicans to risk the only Apportionment Board seat they held in 2006 by moving an incumbent who was on track for a relatively safe re-election so that she can run for the non-essentially (from both a political and governing sense) Lt. Governor slot.

It’s is amazingly insane.? Second, if it were a done deal, Kasich wouldn’t first float it through Jon […]

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Back to the tour de force.

Brunner cannot be attacked on unemployment BECAUSE she’s not been in a position that is directly responsible for jobs! That’s why she’s the better candidate for it. The attack of her for Ohio’s job losses falls flat because she hasn’t been in charge of the State’s economic development during the worst job loss since the Great Depression! It’s a punch that doesn’t land well when used on her. Whereas it’s Fisher’s glass jaw. When you have a choice between a candidate who is the personification of the worst issue for us electorally and […]

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