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And of course, DailyKos picks that brave outsider Lee Fisher. Crash those gates!!

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One week later, and Lee Fisher’s “momentum” in the Quinnipiac poll has come to a dead stop.

While sitting on a double digit lead once he went to the airwaves, the Fisher campaign still has reason for concern.

They’ve stalled below 50%.

And not ONE poll has gauged the enthusiasm between those leaning towards Fisher and Brunner.  My expectation is that some Fisher folks may switch or stay home.  Brunner folks, on the other hand, are so excited about her they’ve already voted.

Brunner’s campaign appears to be the only one that tracked likely voters into early voting […]

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Been getting asked this a lot.

First, I still believe Jennifer Brunner is going to win this primary.? I do.? So I don’t think I’m going to have the problem of having to support Lee Fisher against Rob Portman.

Now, let’s say for the sake of argument that Lee does manage to do on Tuesday what he could not do in his previous two statewide elections, namely, win.? Modern has defined Lee’s problem very well.? Lee will be seen to have limped across the finish line, only with outside help, against an opponent who was almost unfunded, while repeating precisely […]

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Talk about your last minute endorsements.

Former U.S. Treasurer (pull out a bill from your wallet or purse that was printed during the Clinton Administration)/Ohio Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow has apparently endorsed Jennifer Brunner.

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Lee Fisher’s attempt to sweep the newspaper endorsements failed.

Despite the fact that they note that Fisher is pulling away from Brunner in polling, the editorial board of the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed Brunner:

But we think Democratic voters ought to give feisty underdog Brunner a good look in this race as well. She has shown resilience and policy-making skill as secretary of state, a difficult post on which both parties exert great pressure. We haven’t agreed with some of her decisions on election policy, but she has stood her ground credibly on reforms and has worked out some […]

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The Veterans’ Vision announced today that it was endorsing Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio Democratic Senate primary.

From the press release:

?We asked Lee Fisher to stand up for American veterans and he would not clearly state his position. We need to sack the slackers for veterans and we are here to say that we unequivocally stand behind Jennifer Brunner in her US Senate run,? said Maj. Brian Hampton, Publisher of the VETERANS? VISION, making it clear which Senate candidate veterans can trust.

Secretary Brunner recently joined with 50 current Members of Congress to affirm her support […]

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Tim Ryan beat him a week later by 17 points.? After the DCCC poured money into the race.? After being outspent 10-1. ? That’s all I have to say about today’s Quinny poll.

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On April 28, 2010 By

Well, perhaps today’s Quinnipiac poll explains the DSCC’s decision not to buy ad time for Fisher.

I can’t quibble with the numbers with no competing data, but I am skeptical that Fisher would have an advantage with female Democratic voters, and not Brunner.  I also cannot believe voters believe Fisher would be a better candidate in the general election.

I cannot deny I hate the timing of this.

But I’m still making phone calls for Jennifer.  A third of the electorate is undecided, and all they’re hearing is talking points in a TV ad from a guy that’s […]

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This is buried in today’s Columbus Dispatch story:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also has requested information about ad rates before Tuesday’s primary but had not bought any time locally as of today.

A committee spokeswoman declined to comment.

Folks, it’s now Wednesday before the election.? It would be INSANE for the DSCC to put an ad up less than a week before the election as I cannot believe the DSCC, or anyone, is capable of producing an ad that could have a significant effect on the race to really make any difference.? That’s why I think it’s […]

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Meet John Collins, Lee Fisher’s campaign spokeperson.? And meet his e-mail today to a Toledo Blade reporter:

From: John Collins <>
To: [“Toledo Blade reporter” Redacted]
Subject: FYI
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 10:55:33 -0400


Wanted to make sure you saw this….

Jennifer Brunner’s campaign promise
Posted by Tom Jackson on 26 Apr 2010

A few days ago when I got to work and checked my e-mail, I found a long press release from the Jennifer Brunner campaign, criticizing Lee Fisher, her opponent in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.


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Today’s Hotline again erases any doubt that the DSCC is coming to try and bail Fisher out.  In today’s column “Six Primaries That Could Matter” Hotline‘s Reid Wilson says of the Ohio Democratic Senate primary:

OH SEN: The race to replace retiring Sen. George Voinovich (R) was supposed to be a pure tossup. Then 2 things happened: Ex-Rep. Rob Portman (R) proved to be a stellar fundraiser and a strong candidate, and LG Lee Fisher (D) did not.

Now, as Portman stockpiles money for Nov., Fisher finds himself in troubling political shape. Facing a challenge from Sec/State […]

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