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Mike McIntyre is one of the few reporters at the PD who I actually respect, but his top story above the fold in today’s Metro section is one of the shoddiest pieces of “reporting” I’ve seen in a while. ?McIntyre gives valuable PD real estate to county prosecutor Bill Mason’s political consultant, Bill Burges, so Burges can whine about his firm losing its 25-year contract for the county’s health & human services levy.

Why would commissioners go in a new direction when the firm has been so successful in the past? What could it be? Certainly not that […]

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…and that’s just the good news.

The bad news? He did do some work for them and I’ve been hearing about it from just about everybody that heard it and knew I started PO with Rothenberg back in 2006. Countless emails and IMs that basically all start “dude, wtf?”.

So here’s the truth of the matter, which neither Naugle or Russo had right.

Leo Jennings was paid in some capacity to do some work but was definitely NOT “hired” by PO. He was never in an employee relationship with PO. It’s still one of the dumbest […]

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