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DISCLOSURE: I am presently one of the attorneys representing David Krikorian and the Krikorian for Congress Campaign Committee in defense of a defamation lawsuit filed by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

Roll Call breaks the story that the Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and her arrangement with attorneys of Turkish-American organizations who have been providing her with legal services at no charge for a few years now.  Advancements of credit that the Congresswoman has yet to report as a gift or a loan in her annual congressional ethics filings. 

Schmidt attorney Bruce Fein declined to […]

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Last week, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announced she was creating a legal trust fund… to pay for her libel suit against former ‘08 Independent opponent David Krikorian (who ran, but lost, in the Democratic primary this year.)

Schmidt announced the trust fund after questions were being raised about who was paying her lawyers, who actually are from a Turkish special interest group… which is rather unusual in that it’s Schmidt’s unusually high level of Turkish fundraising and opposition to recognizing the Armenian genocide (not exactly a barn burner of an issue back home in the Second District, and yet, […]

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Congresswoman Jean Schmidt cannot let David Krikorian go.  The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that she has sued Krikorian for defamation in Clermont County over Krikorian’s 2008 campaign in which he alleged that Schmidt was a denier of the Armenian genocide in Turkey and had accepted “blood money” from the Turkey government for her silence.

These same campaign statements were part of a successful Ohio Election Commission complaint Schmidt filed against Krikorian last year.

The suit, filed last week in Clermont County Common Pleas Court, seeks $6.8 million in compensatory and punitive damages for what it said were false allegations […]

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David Krikorian does an interview with Huffington Post which basically tracks verbatim Geoffrey Sea’s posts on DailyKos, literally down to the ridiculous corporate conspiracy that Olbermann went after Krikorian because he’s sponsored by Oil of Olay because Chili used to do marketing for them.

Clermont County David Lane mocks Krikorian and Geoffrey Sea’s conspiracy theory.

You know, it’s really hard to diffuse a racial attack of your primary opponent, when your campaign blogger, who apparently you parrot in interviews, attacks your opponent […]

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After Keith Olbermann names Krikorian to the top of Friday’s “Worst Persons in the World,”  Krikorian apologist/volunteer campaign policy advisor Geoffrey Sea (aka “Ohiobama” on DailyKos), of course, decides the prudent action is to go after Keith Olbermann as part of a corporate conspiracy plot designed to help Jean Schmidt because Proctor & Gamble sponsors Keith’s show and Chili did marketing for them.

This diary will go down as a symbol of Sea’s delusional rantings wherein he loses his intended audience, not just by slandering Olbermann, but using the current Gulf environmental disaster as an off-fitting analogy in the process.


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Well, that went well.

Krikorian held his press conference where he had three LETTERS from members of the VFW who said they didn’t hear Krikorian mock Surya Yamachili’s name in a racially insensitive matter.

“With a name like mine, I’m not about to belittle anyone’s name,” said Krikorian, of Madeira. “I try to pronounce everyone’s name with the respect they deserve.”

He accused Democratic Party leaders of using false allegations to try to bring about his defeat in the primary. Besides Yalamanchili, of the East End, he also faces Jim Parker of Waverly in the primary.

Publically […]

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So yesterday’s post about Krikorian getting dissed by the Ohio Democratic Party and the county chairs of the two biggest counties in the district has caused quite a splash.

His supporters are now scrambling claims that the campaign has three “sworn affidavits” from participants of the veteran meeting which supposedly deny that Krikorian said anything racially insensitive about Krikorian’s opponent.

Of course, not one of them has actually PRODUCED these documents.? There’s nothing about such documents on Krikorian’s campaign website, Facebook page, or Twitter.? Nor has a single news outlet reported the existence of such documents.? And as […]

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Wow.? This is unprecedented, especially when Krikorian has been viewed as frontrunner of the Democratic primary in the Second Congressional race.

The Chairmen of the Hamilton and Clermont Democratic Parties, easily the two most populous counties, have announced that they are voting for Surya Yalamanchili and blasted self-described “Blue Dog Democrat” and “Reagan conservative” David Krikorian over allegations that Krikorian mocked Yalamanchili’s ethnic name and his anti-public union comments as shown on Buckeye State Blog.

Here’s a copy of the Chairmen’s letter:

The Chairmen announce that in response they’re voting for Suri Yalamanchili

Also ODP […]

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Listening to Jean Schmidt on MSNBC, who knew that Jean Schmidt would support health care reform but for the lack of the Stupak Amendment in it?

What’s that you say?? She voted against the health care bill in the House after the Stupak Amendment was agreed to?

Does anyone buy this press conference?

These are the same Republicans who glorified the executive orders and signing statements used by the Bush Administration in the War on Terror?…

Irony abounds.

[Update:]? Jean Schmidt and Michelle Bachman within inches of one another.? If they make contact, it could cause a black hole of […]

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DCCC’s New Anti-Schmidt Ad

On June 30, 2008 By

The DCCC’s doing a big ($100K+) ad buy trying to link 13 incumbent Republicans to high gas prices.

And they’ve hired a Bush impersonator for the job.

Here’s the Schmidt ad:


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Schmidt vs. Vomit

On March 19, 2007 By

So Jean Schmidt slips on a pile of puke outside of her office- getting chunks on the back of her new american flag-print dress. She immediately runs home and changes into her good-ol’ american flag-print pant suit.

Listen up, Jean: only cowards run home and change.

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