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The PD’s Gomez is all over this.

According to?recently posted minutes, the public engagement committee met from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 3 at the Thompson Hine law firm in downtown Cleveland.

And of course, guess what was the major topic of discussion – doling out a contract.

Attendees discussed a pending?request for proposals (follow link to see the request) from communications consultants. Zanotti?confirmed this monththat the transition team wanted to hire someone for the job. The public engagement committee plans to score the proposals received by Thursday’s deadline.

I’m having a hard time understanding why […]

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Drawing political boundaries in secret, getting them approved by voters on the ballot, well, that’s nifty. ?Might get your districts thrown into litigation. ?Looks like whoever was in the room at the time thought about this, and may have thrown a measure into the new Cuyahoga County charter as a shield to defeat any such litigation – immediate redistricting as soon as the new council takes their seats.

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Looks to me like the Cuyahoga County federal investigation may be reaching it’s denouement.

Inside sources also reveal that metro editor Chris Quinn, who the Independent identified as a friend of Mason?s top lieutenant (and the chief roadblock to any negative article on Mason), has been barred from any editorial meetings involving Mason for the time being….Set your watches. Big names are expected in cuffs on a Friday morning not too far in the future!

I’ve been saying to people, and now will blog it, that I can’t believe Bill Mason hasn’t been arrested yet. ?I’ve seen the gold […]

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In the past week, two things happened which further proves that Jennifer Brunner will be our US Senate nominee in 2010.? Lee Fisher pandered to the base on Afghanistan, proving to us all that he believes he has a primary, and the GOP yawned, attacking Brunner over Afghanistan instead.

Lee’s done.? It must suck to know that you’ve raised all this money, collected all these endorsements, and Republicans are signaling in everything they do that your primary opponent is their general election opponent.? The GOP isn’t even attacking Lee over jobs, despite the sitting duck he clearly is on the […]

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