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Three weeks ago, PPP showed Issue 3 passing at a whopping 31-point margin (55%-24%).  Now, Public Policy Polling shows Issue 3 is polling below 50% at a more competitive 49%-35% margin.  There has not been a single ad either pro or con on Issue 3.  The only way Issue 3 has gotten into the public consciousness is by Mitt Romney’s visit to Cincinnati wherein he refused to endorse both issues and all the roadside signs that link to the two issues together.

Is a fourteen-point gap able to close by tomorrow?  Actually, let’s take a closer look at […]

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There are a couple of things you should never do in a hotly contested political campaign.  The first is look like you’re picking on a great-grandmother who is grateful to her local firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter’s life.   The other thing is that you don’t have as the public face of your campaign an unpopular politician who is under water by double-digits in his approval/disapproval rating and have him travel the State delivering your message.   The brain trust that is the Building a Better Ohio campaign did both in the past month, and it’s had the predictable effect on Issue […]

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PPP and Quinnipiac seem to have an unspoken agreement that neither shall poll Ohio at the same time.  So, it’s hard to aggregated their data together and make trendlines, especially when both polls show sharp differences in the crosstabs.  In the last PPP poll in August, it showed Issue 2 with a statistically insignificant lead (two points) in favor of the Issue among independents.  Quinnipiac has consistently shown independents  as largely in favor of repeal.  However, both have shown, starting with the PPP in August the Issue 2 race narrowing.  However, it’s been roughly  three weeks since Quinnipiac’s last poll […]

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The Tea Party organizations behind Issue 3, the totally unconstitutional constitutional amendment that outlaws an individual mandate for health insurance, released a video that highlights the signers of their petition and why they signed.  They highlighted roughly four individuals.

About two minutes in, they featured this testimonial:

Government-run health care… will… hurt…. MEDICARE?!?

First, even if you put aside that this amendment, if passed, is a unconstitutional nullity.  But even if it were, and it somehow passed, the amendment only addresses the individual mandate.  It has no affect on the Medicare savings in […]

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This remind you of anything?


TruthPAC calls for statewide election board review

(CLEVELAND, OH) – On Monday, when the out-of-state casino developers bankrolling Issue 3 admitted an agent of their campaign committed voter fraud, this was no surprise to Hamilton County law enforcement.

Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies had already dropped grand jury subpoenas on pro-casino forces and seized records from their downtown Cincinnati offices. Reeling, the committee’s chief pointed the finger at one employee of their out-of-state vendor, Fieldworks, Inc.

Suspicious of the developers’ statement, Ohio’s anti-casino campaign called for […]

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Hey TruthPAC, Where’s Delaware?

On October 12, 2009 By

TruthPAC, the anti-casino Issue 3 spam machine, just stepped in it. A reader forwarded to me their site bashing Lyle Berman by asking (in Where’s Waldo fashion) where he is. It’s cute. By half.

Problem. The out-of-state developer who put the neat little javascript rollover doesn’t even know where Delaware, Ohio is! (hint: it’s NORTH of Columbus jackasses, not SOUTH!)

Nice work with the big bad rich boogeyman backer argument though. Should your opponents on the other side start screaming about George Soros now or later?

Maybe they should have asked their partners ProgressOhio where […]

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If you’re like me, your inbox if just about flooded with Issue 3 (Casinos) nonsense. I was surprised to see my old employer ProgressOhio take a stand on this one. It doesn’t really seem like a core Progressive value, this gambling is evil and must be stopped mantra.

What surprised me further, is their reliance on John W. Kindt. Kindt, framed by PO as a “nationally acclaimed gambling expert“, could more accurately be portrayed as a “nationally known anti-gambling zealot”. It’s not like his research is flawed or he’s gone down the “legalized gambling is a […]

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