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In today’s Dispatch, under the intentionally inflammatory headline “Unions Get Revenge…” we get a hint of next year’s anti-union rhetoric:

“But amidst all of the concessions and hat-in-hand rhetoric, there was a hint of defiance. Kasich, who opened by congratulating the labor coalition, said local governments should not expect a state bailout to manage their costs.
‘There is no bailout because frankly, there’s no money,’ Kasich said.”


Kasich’s year-long attack against public employees was two-pronged: Make them vulnerable, and strip away their defenses. Last night, not only did […]

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On the eve of the election, it’s hard to imagine a voter being moved by a long explanation of the factual details surrounding Issue 2, in either direction.  We’ve detailed every conceivable angle of Senate Bill 5, starting with its inception in February, its coming of age as it became a law, and its mid-life crisis as Issue 2.  Tomorrow, and in the days that follow, we will discuss its death and subsequent dismemberment by Republicans.

But tonight, as we think about voters who may still be undecided and looking to you, our readers, for direction, we wanted to find […]

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Three weeks ago, PPP showed Issue 3 passing at a whopping 31-point margin (55%-24%).  Now, Public Policy Polling shows Issue 3 is polling below 50% at a more competitive 49%-35% margin.  There has not been a single ad either pro or con on Issue 3.  The only way Issue 3 has gotten into the public consciousness is by Mitt Romney’s visit to Cincinnati wherein he refused to endorse both issues and all the roadside signs that link to the two issues together.

Is a fourteen-point gap able to close by tomorrow?  Actually, let’s take a closer look at […]

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Here’s a picture John Kasich tweeted of a pro-Issue 2 rally over the weekend. 

Kind of makes you wonder what pictures they didn’t run instead. 

If this is “great enthusiasm”  for Issue 2 in Cuyahoga County, I’d hate to see downright opposition to it… oh, wait, we’ll see that on Tuesday night, won’t we?

Sounds like its sad times on the Kasich FAIL bus.

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s editorial page may support Issue 2, but that didn’t stop its cartoonist Jeff Darcy from having some belated fun on “Grannygate.”

Meanwhile, as Joe mentioned yesterday, Kasich got the first claim rated by PolitiFact as “Pants on Fire” in the entire SB 5/Issue 2 debate.  Then, it also rated Building a Bitter Ohio’s claim (we should have been using that name all along) that public employees make 43% more than private sector workers as “Mostly False.”

AEI authors Andrew Biggs and Jason Richwine said that wages were “comparable,” that […]

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Shortly after the Republican Party’s 2010 victory, Governor-elect John Kasich’s first priority was attempting to getting Kevin DeWine replaced as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party by Kasich confidante/Franklin GOP Chairman Doug Preisse.  Not surprisingly, the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee saw no reason to replace the man who had just led the GOP party out of the political wilderness and back into power, sweeping all the State races, winning back the Ohio House, and picking up five Congressional seats (Space, Wilson, Boccieri, Driehaus, and Kilroy). So Kasich’s GOP coup was thwarted, and a rivalry deepened.  Preisse got a consolation prize of quickly […]

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Building a Better Ohio has a real hard problem finding a good community story to use as a case study as why Issue 2 is needed.  First, they tried to use the news coverage of how the Village of Mt. Sterling was laying off all but its police chief as evidence of the need for Issue 2.  That was until we had to point out that Mt. Sterling’s workforce isn’t unionized, so collective bargaining reform won’t change the situation.  Now, they’re claiming that Issue 2 would prevent the layoffs of 14 firefighters in Lancaster (they’ve […]

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Back in the end of July, the Columbus Dispatch did an insightful story on how Building a Better Ohio was planning on getting voters to approve Issue 2 at the polls:

The group formed to defend Senate Bill 5 believes the same Quinnipiac University poll released July 20 that showed voters favor repeal of Ohio’s new collective-bargaining law by 24 points also provides a road map of “pressure points” that can change minds before the Nov. 8 referendum.

And with three months until the vote and a $20 million budget, the coalition of Gov. John Kasich confidants and […]

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When people start tossing the ghost of the ’05 RON amendments as a reason to believe Issue 2 may still be a genuine race, they’re basically make the same argument as someone citing “Dewey Defeats Truman.” Here’s all the reasons the “ghost of RON” shouldn’t be spooking We Are Ohio’s supporters this Halloween.

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There are a couple of things you should never do in a hotly contested political campaign.  The first is look like you’re picking on a great-grandmother who is grateful to her local firefighters for saving her great-granddaughter’s life.   The other thing is that you don’t have as the public face of your campaign an unpopular politician who is under water by double-digits in his approval/disapproval rating and have him travel the State delivering your message.   The brain trust that is the Building a Better Ohio campaign did both in the past month, and it’s had the predictable effect on Issue […]

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PPP and Quinnipiac seem to have an unspoken agreement that neither shall poll Ohio at the same time.  So, it’s hard to aggregated their data together and make trendlines, especially when both polls show sharp differences in the crosstabs.  In the last PPP poll in August, it showed Issue 2 with a statistically insignificant lead (two points) in favor of the Issue among independents.  Quinnipiac has consistently shown independents  as largely in favor of repeal.  However, both have shown, starting with the PPP in August the Issue 2 race narrowing.  However, it’s been roughly  three weeks since Quinnipiac’s last poll […]

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