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You have to have some insane level of hubris to tout a “study” that claims to save the state $1.3B by cutting the pay of teachers, police, and firefighters while you exist solely on the government teet enjoying a made up position of “Special Assistant to the Governor” at $145,000/yr plus benefits.

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Serious, serious onions it takes to pull this off.  Jai was up early this Saturday morning around 7am in order to catch this story posted at 2:51am in order to get it out on Twitter and retweeted by the sychophant right.  Maybe the job of […]

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Do you remember back in school when a kid would get in trouble? What’s the first thing the would do?

Yes. Point at some other kid and say something along the lines of “Well, Bobby did it too!”

Classic juvenile deflection.

Not surprising to see the wingnut radicals on talk radio and Internet media outlets doing the same thing with the recent gulf coast oil spill disaster. “Obama’s Katrina!,” they yell. “What’s taking the administration so long to respond?” they query.

It’s enlightening, really. Ignoring the obvious irony of conservatives calling for a faster government response to […]

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After reading my live blog of the Kasich-PalinTaylor press conference today where I noticed ads by employers looking to hire Ohioans popped up every time one of them said jobs, a fan of the site sent me this even better screen capture:

I bet Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine clicked it to see if it applies to political marriages.

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Despite his inability to apologize for intimating the current sitting President of the United States was a terrorist, Tom continues to demand MY apology for creative use of the English language to make a point. Yes. I once and often called Tom Blumer Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer. To make a point that he is still incapable of grasping. It’s called rhetoric. Smart folks get the shit. Ignorant wingnuts apparently do not. (Actually if you Google Tom and motherfucker it’s the first result. Same thing for Tom Blumer motherfucker. No telling who would do that, but we own it […]

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They Want ZERO Taxes?

On April 15, 2009 By

Let’s see. Zero taxes likely takes away that sidewalk you are so comfortably sitting on while protesting:

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Well, not directly anyway. Speaking about the uprisings in Burma in a White House press briefing:

Q And the protests, themselves, seem to have been stilled. What do you make of that?

MS. PERINO: Well, unfortunately, intimidation and force can chill peaceful demonstrations. And reports about very innocent people being thrown into detention, where they could be held for years without any representation or charges, is distressing; and we understand that some of the monasteries have been sealed. Now, obviously, this has, again, a chilling effect on protestors, but we would ask that everyone show restraint and […]

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California is apparently so overrun with immigrants, that the state GOP is having a hard time filling positions with US citizens.

First the party was forced to admit it had hired a Canadian citizen with no political experience to be its new political director, under the H-1B visa program — a program that grants temporary visas. Now revelations have surfaced that the party’s chief operating officer, an Australian citizen, was ordered deported in 2001, spent one month in jail and then filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging wrongful arrest.

In case you aren’t familiar, […]

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I just got confirmation this morning that our beloved wingnut momma’s boy Matt Naugle was spotted outside of the Progress Ohio offices just after an event with “Dancer’s for Democracy”, an advocacy group for adult entertainers who are fighting a house bill that would restrict their profession.

Here’s what Matt said when he found out about the press conference:

You would think that such staunch supporters of the nanny state, who want to protect bar employees from being “forced” to work in a smoke-filled environment, would also support legislation to keep dancers far away from patrons who may have […]

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Happy Law Day!

On May 1, 2007 By

Oh, the irony is thick. Dubya has declared today “Law Day USA 2007”. From his statement:

Our Nation is built upon the rule of law and guided by our founding promise of freedom, equality, and justice for all. Law Day is an opportunity to celebrate the Constitution and the laws that protect our rights and liberties and to recognize our responsibility as citizens to uphold the values of a free and just society.

Unreal, the hubris.

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from Think Progress:

Bush to receive Iraq bill on ?Mission Accomplished? day.

CNN has confirmed that Congress? Iraq withdrawal legislation will be delivered to President Bush on Tuesday, making it highly likely that Bush will veto the bill on the four year anniversary of his infamous ?Mission Accomplished? speech

Yep. Love me some irony…

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