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So I got put in a pickle. Let me illustrate:

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You see. I made it known how we were gonna fight anonymous email smears of Barack Obama:

1. Reply to everyone who got the email that you can tell (you may need to copy addresses from a quoted email that was forwarded). Tell them the truth.

2. Forward it to

3. Forward it to me and I’ll blog it (include the entire message including original sender/recipients)

All well and good until you get one from your own mother. This is how insidious this […]

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ROFL. You gotta love this. “It’s unfair!”, they shouted. “Our comments about that African-born negro gay Muslim Manchurian candidate were taken out of context!”, they protested. “They made our beloved flag city into a racist hotbed of misinformation and it’s just not fair!”, they whined.

Somebody call the waaahbulance because I think we have an emergency of conscience here.

This is precisely why we blog their emails. Precisely why we blog their phone numbers. So they are called to the carpet and taken to task. Apparently it worked. Today on the front page of the Findlay Courier, there’s […]

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