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Not surprising, given that their entire business preys on the poor, but this is sick (and illegal):

COLUMBUS – Petition circulators for the national payday lending lobby illegally paid homeless men to sign referendum petitions for its campaign to undermine Ohio’s new payday reform law and have routinely misled voters by insisting that the referendum would lower interest rates – not raise them.

Voters from around Ohio took part in a Tuesday news conference to expose the illegal payments and the false information being used by the petition circulators.

Two residents of a Butler County homeless shelter, CHOSEN, joined the […]

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Update: I guess the McCain camp is a bit worried about this because they pulled it from the campaign website calendar! Whoops.

The straight talking maverick is at it again. He’s skirting campaign finance laws he used to support and built his maverick appeal on. This time in Ohio. It’s a shell game, really. Though legislation limits individual contributions to $2,300, McCain and his rich friends have decided to skirt a law with his name on it by creating a financing structure in conjunction with the RNC.

Tim at Blogger Interrupted has a fundraising email nailing […]

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