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Plunderbund research reveals that GOP Senate President Tom Niehaus, leader of the brain trust behind a bill to strip benefits from rank and file public employees, and champion of a budget that makes painful cuts to nearly every program in the state, has now committed the ultimate act of hypocrisy.

Let’s remember, the Senate GOP is responsible for passing a state budget that steals hundreds of millions of dollars from local governments, redirecting it to the state’s piggybank – a move that forced mayors, county commissioners and township trustees statewide to decide between cutting vital services like police and fire, […]

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The Tea Party organizations behind Issue 3, the totally unconstitutional constitutional amendment that outlaws an individual mandate for health insurance, released a video that highlights the signers of their petition and why they signed.  They highlighted roughly four individuals.

About two minutes in, they featured this testimonial:

Government-run health care… will… hurt…. MEDICARE?!?

First, even if you put aside that this amendment, if passed, is a unconstitutional nullity.  But even if it were, and it somehow passed, the amendment only addresses the individual mandate.  It has no affect on the Medicare savings in […]

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: John Kasich takes credit for something that turns out was not his idea, but something that was a labor of love of the Strickland Administration. On top of that, Kasich is touting the achievement while hiding that it’s being entirely funded by “one time” federal stimulus money.

Or did you hear the one about how Governor Kasich approached U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown about seeking another extension of a federal stimulus program for Medicaid?

Or how John Kasich’s budget relies on a Washington bailout that doesn’t even appear to be in the works? Or how it also relies on cost savings to the States provided by “ObamaCare?”

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In August 21, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the Strickland Administration had balanced the State’s budget by “raiding” what are called “rotary” funds that provide assistance for the blind and organ transplants.  Buried in the story was that the State budget contained statutory authorization to allow such transfers.  Omitted entirely until later coverage was the fact that this was a very common practice that prior Administrations had done with no controversy.

Of course, the anti-Strickland right pounced and none more quickly than Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics.  Keeling, who eventually was quietly put on the Ohio […]

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This week, Sen. Tim Grendell (R-Tea Party), finally got one of his pet grandstanding ideas passed: banning the use of stimulus dollars to pay for signs identifying the use of stimulus dollars. Does it matter that the signs have already been made? No. Does it matter that GOP critics have often complained about a lack of transparency in ARRA spending? No. Does it matter that Kasich was inaugurated on a Monday and state workers had put his name on the freeway welcome signs by Friday? Does it matter that this has nothing to do with creating jobs […]

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Governor Kasich has made it perfectly clear that he will not raise taxes to deal with the State’s projected budget deficit created now that there is no more stimulus money to aid the States during the recession.

But yesterday in the Dispatch, Gov. Kasich made another claim:

But Kasich has said that shouldn’t mean simply slashing spending, especially for services for the state’s neediest residents. Passing a budget will entail restructuring and telling special-interest groups "no," Kasich told legislators.

Guys, there’s only one way to balance a budget with a projected $8 billion deficit without raising taxes and […]

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What, you didn’t think this was just a one-day story, did you?

John Kasich yesterday was asked about our exclusive story on significant raises in high-level Kasich staffers that is radically higher than what their Strickland contemporaries make.

Kasich at first denied that these staffers were going to make more than their Strickland compatriots, and then defended the fact that some were.  Kasich then claimed that his gubernatorial staff would have a smaller payroll “than the current payroll” for the Strickland Administration.

We’ll be detailing the ins and outs of Kasich’s staff budget over the remaining days, but we wanted […]

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Boy, how did we miss this story?

At the beginning of this month, Congressman-elect Bill Johnson announced in a trumpeting press release that he was refusing to accept Congressional health care benefits in protest of President Obama’s health care insurance reform law.

Ironically, Governor Ted Strickland, who used to serve in the same district as Johnson will, refused to accept congressional health care benefits until all of his constituents had access to the kind of choices in plans and benefits as he did.  In other words, where Strickland refused to accept health care until there was a universal […]

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John Kasich talking about his “soul brother” George W. Bush in endorsing him in 2000.

Now he claims he’s a different type of Republican than Bush.

Politics can be a cruel mistress sometimes.

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Congressman John Boccieri’s Republican opponent announced that he will match dollar for dollar donations made to his campaign until tomorrow night from his “personal fortune.”

How did Jim Renacci make his fortune?

In 1985, Jim entered the healthcare industry, forming LTC Management Services, which owned and operated nursing home facilities throughout Ohio.

That’s right.  Jim Renacci’s “personal fortune” came from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Renacci’s auto dealership accepted money from “Cash for Clunkers,” too.

Matt Naugle has been blasting the SEIU for help funding the DGA’s ads […]

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USA Today profiled auto dealers who are running for Congress and how the “Cash for Clunkers” program has complicated their campaign.  Unless you just checked out a hotel room or buy your papers at McDonald’s you probably didn’t see the story.  I almost missed it.

Well, we couldn’t have a story like this and obviously not talk about “Cash for Clunkers” author Congresswoman Betty Sutton’s (D-13th) opponent Tom Ganley, could we?

Dealers such as Tom Ganley, running for a House seat in northeastern Ohio, make another argument against the program: It wasn’t all that beneficial. Ganley’s dealerships sold […]

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