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TEA PARTY DISCOVERY #5: Identity Crisis

The Tea Party members should consider reading the Constitution and Federalist Papers to better align their stated mission and values with their guiding documents.

Have pity for these lost souls and kindly direct them to review their core values. I would like to emphasize an excerpt from the Federalist Papers, #85 as evidence.

The judgments of many must unite in the work; Experience must guide their labor; Time must bring it to perfection; . . . ought to put them upon their guard against. . . military despotism of a victorious demagogue . . . I know […]

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So far we’ve explored Tea Party hypocrisy on Special Interests and the Government’s role in the “Free Market”. We turn our attention now to healthcare. Part 3 of this week’s Tea Party Discovery series reveals how Billionaire Koch funded American’s for Prosperity (known Tea Party astroturfer) sponsored a Town Hall meeting in which the GOP through SB5 injects more government control over healthcare. The Tea Party protests of this intrusion upon the people’s civil liberties never materialized…

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Yesterday we explored the basics of the stated Tea Party values and I made the first of many “discoveries” that point to the movement being more about opposing Democrats and less about any true ideals. We continue our look at the ways in which the Tea Party’s hypocrisy begins to show with Part 2 of this series by looking at the stated beliefs versus actions relative to Government and the “Free Market”. We also consider whether the size of the “movement” is shrinking due to disillusionment and ponder whether the Tea Party itself is dead.

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The Tea Party purports to be a grassroots movement of citizens concerned about The Constitution, limited government, the influence of special interests on our government, and burdensome government regulations. In practice, however, they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for corporate backed FreedomWorks and the Republican Party.

Over the course of this week, this series will provide background and expose the hypocrisy that is the “Tea Party”. The series is from guest poster Greg Mild, a Columbus educator.

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Modern already thoroughly covered the abortion issues that have been floating around Ohio the past few days including Ohio Right to Life’s support for certain anti-abortion bills (and lack of support for one specifically unconstitutional one) along with their attempts to “petition the Governor to install pharmacists with conscience and pro-life convictions to the Board of Pharmacy”.

But reading about Ohio Right to Life in each one of his posts just made me realize (again) what a bunch of hypocrites anti-abortion groups like this can be. If you don’t want to stick around while I vent I […]

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Do you remember back in school when a kid would get in trouble? What’s the first thing the would do?

Yes. Point at some other kid and say something along the lines of “Well, Bobby did it too!”

Classic juvenile deflection.

Not surprising to see the wingnut radicals on talk radio and Internet media outlets doing the same thing with the recent gulf coast oil spill disaster. “Obama’s Katrina!,” they yell. “What’s taking the administration so long to respond?” they query.

It’s enlightening, really. Ignoring the obvious irony of conservatives calling for a faster government response to […]

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INSKEEP: As you know, Democrats are already pointing to things that are changing in America because of this bill. They will point to the fact that college seniors, who would have been kicked off their families’ insurance plans when they graduated, will get to stay on. Insurance companies are now saying they’re going to end the practice of “rescission,” where they take, or at least modify…

BOEHNER: Both of those ideas, by the way, came from Republicans, and are part of the common sense ideas that we ought to have in the law.

INSKEEP: Well, are you […]

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So much goodness in this NYT article I really don’t know where to start. Here’s one:

When Tom Grimes lost his job as a financial consultant 15 months ago, he called his congressman, a Democrat, for help getting government health care. Then he found a new full-time occupation: Tea Party activist.

…Mr. Grimes, who receives Social Security, has filled the back seat of his Mercury Grand Marquis with the literature of the movement, including Glenn Beck?s ?Arguing With Idiots? and Frederic Bastiat?s ?The Law,? which denounces public benefits as ?false philanthropy.?

?If you quit giving people that stuff, […]

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Mike Vanderboegh, a 57-year-old former “militiaman” from Alabama, who called on teabaggers and wingnuts to “Break their windows.? Break them NOW” has a very interesting way of supporting himself according to WaPo:

Vanderboegh said he once worked as a warehouse manager but now lives on government disability checks. He said he receives $1,300 a month because of his congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension.

I’ll hang up and listen.

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Deep thoughts on hypocrisy

On March 21, 2010 By

When those on the left do it, they’re called Nazis.

When those on the right do it, they’re called patriots.

Hypocrisy ahoy!

ht Pandagon

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