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Last week, John Kasich expressed regret at his seemingly flippiant attitude towards diversity at the very beginning of his term. He even said that he thinks his Administration should strive harder than Governor Strickland’s to get the State to meet its 1980s mandate of setting aside 15% of all government contracts to minority-owned businesses.

We should support the Governor on this, because we doubt many in his party will. But that support also means we hold him accountable for his budget, which cuts funding for the offices charged with enforcing Ohio’s minority-owned business set asides by over half.

Also, Governor Kasich is making the right call on sentencing reform. If you support gun control, then you probably should support Kasich’s killing, for now at least, of the restaurant CCW bill, too.

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(HT: Stuff Queer People Need to Know)

The documentary In the States has recently produced its segment regarding Ohio:

From the gay marriage ban in 2004 to passing HB 167 in the Ohio House, we’ve made significant strides in GLBT issues.

Equality Ohio has not given up the fight to have the State Senate take up HB 167.  However, it was assigned by Senate President Bill Harris to the Senate Rules Committee in he chairs.  It has been given no hearings since assigned there last September.

In the final week of […]

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The long, hard slog

On March 18, 2008 By

Eric wrote this earlier today in reaction to Obama’s speech about race.

I got the sense today that Barack Obama was tired. Tired of the hatred and fear-mongering insanity that has gripped not just Republicans, but Democrats as well. I know I get tired when I have to endure the same types of slurs I saw used against blacks in the south now retooled to attack anyone of a Middle Eastern heritage or having a name that is not familiar to the average Anglo-Saxon Caucasoid. I get tired when I see the same type of fear and ignorance […]

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George “Waterboarder” Bush

On March 9, 2008 By

…so THAT’S what the “W” stand for!

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Big Brother is watching!

On January 2, 2008 By

It’s a brave new world indeed, as a survey is out that shows the US is one of the worst surveillance states in the world.

In terms of statutory protections and privacy enforcement, the US is the worst ranking country in the democratic world. In terms of overall privacy protection the United States has performed very poorly, being out-ranked by both India and the Philippines and falling into the “black” category, denoting endemic surveillance.

Thanks King George. And a very special thanks to Congress for being enablers. Land of the free and home of the brave, my […]

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Congrats to Lee Terry (R-NE) and Ron Paul (R-TX). They were the only two to vote no on H.CON.RES.200 “concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress regarding the immediate and unconditional release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the severely deteriorating human rights situation in Burma.”

Nice work fellas! Ron Paul is also running for President. Interestingly enough, his slogan is “Hope for America”. It appears Congressman Paul offers no such hope for Burma. Congressman Terry, for his part, has offered up some very important legislation and does not appear to be all bad. I mean, […]

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Update: Got two more good resources. This from the NYT and a radio program with some Akron area monks which includes a great overview at the beginning.

The situation in Burma (Myanmar) is one we should all be watching and stay informed about. If you are behind on it, this might help to catch you up. Information is scarce and I’m going to take a stab at documenting some of the sources and a good roundup a bit later tonight. I know George Ed had a post up about the effect of bloggers on getting […]

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