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Hey Mark,

It’s kids singing! I don’t find this mixing religion and politics at all. Just because some people get excited enough about their religion to sing AND some people get excited enough about a political candidate to sing doesn’t mean the two are mixing.

Couched in your expression of being creeped out is the long ago abandoned “Obamessiah” smear. You know. He’s just a man. Chill out. What’s all the fuss? “Nothing to see here”-like criticism that really points to a secret fear in Obama opponents that he might win and actually help usher in an […]

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Good Morning Plunderbunders!

On September 29, 2008 By

Did you have the same nightmare I did last night?

Well wake up!

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Hope vs. Hate indeed. That is pretty much what we’re looking at this time around. Conservatism has been backed into a corner and is foaming at the mouth to stay alive. Anthony picks up on something really important though, and I also noticed Roland Martin (whose African American parents were community organizers) on CNN get very upset about this:

The highlight of the evening? The introduction of the newest code phrase for “uppity negro,” Community Organizer! This is the hook to rural voters who don’t understand Midnight Basketball, Block Clubs, and Community Development Organizations. They don’t understand black churches. […]

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Something Else MLK Died For…

On April 4, 2008 By

I saw this video a few days ago but was reminded of it today by Michelle Obama. In reminding me, she says:

The simple fact that Barack is running a competitive campaign for President is a direct result of Dr. King’s legacy — and this movement for change would be impossible without the support of people of all races, ages, and backgrounds.

Very true. This is the net result of those years of struggle and tragedy and these years of change and our redemption from the past:

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