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Yesterday Hillary Clinton compared her fight to break DNC rules and seat the delegates from Florida an “epic American struggle” similiar to the fight against slavery.

Now she is comparing the Democratic nominating process that SHE ENDORSED to the recent fraudulent elections in Zimbabwe…

“We’re seeing that right now in Zimbabwe,” Clinton explained. “Tragically, an election was held, the president lost, they refused to abide by the will of the people,” Clinton told the crowd of senior citizens at a retirement community in south Florida.

Is she trying to say that Obama = Mugabe?

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Ben Smith reports that…

Hillary Clinton compared her effort to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to epic American struggles, including those to free the slaves and win the right to vote for blacks and women.

The Democratic National Committee rules are the same as Jim Crow Laws? Howard Dean is like Jefferson Davis? The DNC is no better than the racist, sexist politicians of times past who tried to keep blacks and woman ‘in their place’?

She’s in for an epic struggle all right- trying to explain THAT one.

Bonus video:

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In late December Governor Strickland said the Democratic caucus process was “hugely undemocratic” because it “excludes so many people.”

With the Iowa caucuses only days away, the Clinton campaign immediately responded saying that Hillary and Strickland “strongly disagree” on the issue of caucus voting and that “the process must be protected.”

That was then.

Today in an interview on Cleveland radio she said: “We’ve got to change the way we nominate presidents for a lot of reasons. I personally believe these caucuses are terribly unrepresentative.”


A few months ago, when she had all the money and the […]

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Howard Wolfson, senior Clinton advisor, appeared on Fox News this Sunday and admitted that the campaign is $20 million in debt!

He also said: “There is no reason for her not to continue this process.”


How about $20 MILLION in debt?

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Last month Rep. Tim Ryan threw his support behind Hillary Clinton.

But it looks like he might be changing his mind.

This morning, while discussing the results of yesterday’s primary elections, Ryan told CQ’s David Nather:

“I don’t know if the fat lady has sung yet, but she’s clearing her throat”

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Hillary is moving the goal posts again- and lying to West Virginians in the process.

In a short speech in West Virginia today she called the WV primary “one of the most important elections in this entire process.”

Which, of course, is a load of crap. The nomination is typically wrapped up by the time West Virginians ever get to vote. And even if she does win big there next week- they only have 39 delegates so it isn’t going to help her much.

She also said: “I personally believe that West Virginia is one of those so-called […]

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For some reason HRC’s campaign thought it would be a great idea to have her ride to work with some working class Indiana guy – stopping along the way to fill up at a gas station full of reporters.

They picked a guy who drives an F-250 pickup (10 mpg) 45 minutes to work every day because, I guess, that’s the kind of guy her gas tax “holiday” might appeal to.

(Obama voters drive smaller cars and live closer to work)

The problem came when they stopped at the gas station and Hillary admitted she hadn’t pumped her […]

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A new poll from Monmouth University shows that some New Jersey Democrats have changed their mind since voting for Hillary in February’s primary…

Clinton bested Obama in the New Jersey presidential primary on February 5th by a 54%
to 44% margin. However, the ongoing nomination contest seems to have given some Garden
State Democrats second thoughts. Currently, more Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents say they would like to see Obama (45%) rather than Clinton (38%) get the party’s

“It appears that less than three months after giving Hillary Clinton a 10 point victory in
the […]

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Except for the wonderful live discussion here at PB, I think we can all pretty much agree last night’s debate was pretty lame. From the bad questions to the bad commercials (do that many people really have problems pooping?) it was pretty much a waste.

Of course, the Clinton camp immediately announced that Hillary had won the debate.

According to her communications director the debate was “very important and illuminating” … “Game-changing” even.

Their reasoning: Obama “tried to dodge and weave” questions about guns. “Sen. Obama needs to be more forthright” they said.

Speaking of being forthright- […]

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Hillary’s Whiskey Faux Pas

On April 13, 2008 By

According to first read Hillary Clinton was seen drinking a shot of Crown Royal in Crown Point, IN yesterday.

In case you didn’t know, Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky– or, as we spell it here in the states, whiskey.

Probably not a good choice for a US presidential candidate trying to win over working class voters in the rural midwest.

With the Kentucky primary coming up on May 20 might I suggest a decent Kentucky Bourbon like Woodford Reserve next time?

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Slowly but steadily, a string of Democratic Party figures is taking Barack Obama’s side in the presidential nominating race and raising the pressure on Hillary Clinton to give up.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is expected to endorse Sen. Obama Monday, according to a Democrat familiar with her plans. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s seven Democratic House members are poised to endorse Sen. Obama as a group — just one has so far — before that state’s May 6 primary, several Democrats say.

Nice graphic in the article demonstrating what has changed since the candidates were about equal in pledged […]

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