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Joe C’s Money in Serious Jeopardy

On February 25, 2010 By

Ruh roh. Looks like ACORN may be getting $100 from my wingnut friend Joe C. We made a wager (I don’t forget these things – someone still owes me a bottle of bourbon from the 2008 Presidential…cough…Keeler…cough). The wager came after I made fun of those on the right getting lathered up by an article taking comments out of context to indicate (they thought) that Obama was leaving open the option of not running for re-election.

Joe C was very sure of it and even put $100 on it. Given to our favorite charity. I guess Joe […]

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PB Late Night Moment of Zen

On February 4, 2010 By

Here it is. Your moment of Zen:

It’s actually called FCINO (Fiscal Conservative in Name Only), but it’s been dubbed “Demon Sheep”. The funniest thing is, they promise more of this! Joy!

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John Kasich Invented the Tea Party?

On January 16, 2010 By

I was shocked to find this claim by Republican John Kasich in a recent article at CNN:

“I think I was in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

Yes. You read that right. John Kasich invented the Tea Party. Not just the recent tea party phenomenon. You know, the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging wingnut sychophant party that descended upon us this summer. No. John Kasich invented THE “Tea Party?”. The original one.

I was very doubtful until I found this archival footage of the actual Boston Tea Party:

It is tough to tell at […]

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After reading my live blog of the Kasich-PalinTaylor press conference today where I noticed ads by employers looking to hire Ohioans popped up every time one of them said jobs, a fan of the site sent me this even better screen capture:

I bet Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine clicked it to see if it applies to political marriages.

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C-SPAN Teabagging Hilarity

On December 22, 2009 By

I posted earlier about a call from Tom Coburn to pray that someone (Senator Byrd ostensibly) would not be able to make the health care reform vote in order to secure it’s defeat.? C-SPAN catches some hilarity relating to this incident that is sublime.? Most likely a hoax, but a damned good one.? If it turns out not to be a hoax it would be some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen on video since Naugle took a golf club to a bobblehead.

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Adventures in Title Juxtapostion

On December 18, 2009 By

Today’s adventure in title juxtaposition is brought to us by Jennifer Yachnin and Roll Call:

Congressional Ethics Office Closes Inquiry Into Murtha, Dicks And Moran

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Just a fantastic 6 minutes and 5 seconds of Rachel Maddow (not Maddox) goodness. You will, if you are like me, enjoy every second of it.? If you are not like me and you are a trolling wingnut, then you will cringe in horror.? Yes, I’m talking to you you #tcot bandit you!

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More Palin Greatness from someecards

On November 19, 2009 By

Must be Palin week. She coming to town or something?

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Bringing this up from comments because it seriously deserves it’s very own post.? Honestly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while relative to the teabagger crowd.

On November 14 “Robert Erickson” was introduced to the Minnesota Tea Party Against Amnesty as a Minneapolis resident concerned about illegal immigration. Sometimes the devil is in the details, as the supporters of the anti-immigrant Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform (MINN-SIR) slowly learn.? On the other hand, some of them never quite figured out that “Robert” wasn’t on their side:

Subtle, his mention of “European Immigrants”. Nope. Teabaggers aren’t all too bright, are […]

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Michele Bachmann’s recent attempt to stoke the tea party embers into a raging fire of conservative dumbassery appears to have failed quite miserably. Reports say there were about 10,000 at the rally. Sean Hannity of Faux News and Bachmann try to stretch that to 20-45,000. Jon Stewart…eh…not ready to let them get away with it.

…and here it is your moment of Zen:

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