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John Kasich learned today what happens when you go from Sean Hannity to a show called “Hardball.”

I’ve never seen Kasich more uncomfortable during an interview.  Did he not realize that Matthews would want to talk about his documentary.

Apparently, John Kasich thinks that not making him Governor after he worked for Lehman Brothers is “punishing success….”

Maybe he should read those passages in his book about humility again?

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I actually caught wind of this live just after she was on and based on Matthews’ reaction I knew something big had happened. He was stunned. You will be too if you haven’t seen it:

Couple things you can do:

1. Add you voice to the movement to censure her

2. Help her opponent defeat her November 4th

A Democratic campaign official emailed that Bachmann’s Democratic opponent has raised at least $23,000 online since the Hardball segment aired.

Michelle may have just completely screwed herself. This will be one to keep an eye on!

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LOL! This is great:

“He’s an appeaser Chris! Stop asking me hard questions and let me parrot my talking points! Shit!”

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