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After delaying a vote on the bill saying he wasn’t sure he had the votes for passage, House Speaker Bill Batchelder brought HB 45 to the floor.  The bill would permit a licensed carry-concealed weapon permit holder (CCW) to carry a firearm legally into any establishment where alcohol is served (so long as the permit holder does not consume any alcohol on the premises or is otherwise intoxicated) or in open arenas.  

The bill passed by a 56-40 vote with only Republicans Mike Duffey, Todd McKenney, and Kurt Schuring breaking party ranks by voting against the bill.   The […]

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Last week, John Kasich expressed regret at his seemingly flippiant attitude towards diversity at the very beginning of his term. He even said that he thinks his Administration should strive harder than Governor Strickland’s to get the State to meet its 1980s mandate of setting aside 15% of all government contracts to minority-owned businesses.

We should support the Governor on this, because we doubt many in his party will. But that support also means we hold him accountable for his budget, which cuts funding for the offices charged with enforcing Ohio’s minority-owned business set asides by over half.

Also, Governor Kasich is making the right call on sentencing reform. If you support gun control, then you probably should support Kasich’s killing, for now at least, of the restaurant CCW bill, too.

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I noticed Cliff Schechter is jumping at the opportunity to use the Florida school board shooting to blast the National Rifle Association and says it shows the folly of gun rights supporters.  Cliff is paid by the anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, as a political consultant.

I know this isn’t going to win me many fans here, but Cliff Schechter is totally wrong.

Blaming the NRA for allowing Clay Duke to get a handgun to use to terrorize that Florida school board only works if something the NRA favored allowed Duke to possess a firearm.  However, Duke […]

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I just saw this on Twitter where ProgressOhio are asking folks to sign a petition to urge the still Democratic-controlled Ohio House not to pass two gun rights bills, SB 239 and 247.  Now, many of you may disagree with my views when it comes to Second Amendment rights, and that’s to be expected.  However, what ProgressOhio presents is still highly misleading.

For example, ProgressOhio says:

If they succeed, Ohio will be changed to allow:

– easy access to guns for criminals convicted of some drug crimes. Around 1,500 Ohio students are told every […]

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Ken Hanson is legal counsel for the Buckeye Firearms Association, which has endorsed Governor Strickland.  He’s also the Chair of its Legislative Committee.  He filed an amicus brief in the groundbreaking Heller and McDonald U.S. Supreme Court cases.  In other words, he’s not just some average joe member (although I admit in talking to him in the past, he is a real down to earth kind of guy.)

Well, apparently he has had enough of John Kasich trying to pull a fast one on the gun issue, and he let Kasich have it on the BFA website.

He […]

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Uses the same footage from his “Angry” to make a response ad to Kasich’s new attack ad that he released yesterday that the Dispatch called dishonest.

The guy with Governor Strickland is his brother, Roger, who is a terrific guy who’s been campaigning relentlessly for Ted in the RV Sportsman for Strickland.

Kasich has spent a considerable amount of time explaining to his Tea Party supporters why he voted for Clinton’s “assault weapons” ban.  However, he’s yet to explain why he:

Opposed multiple efforts by Republicans to repeal the Clinton assault weapons ban; Kasich opposed efforts to repeal […]

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Richard Cordray joins Governor Ted Strickland as the only candidates to be endorsed by both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Buckeye Firearms Association.  Conversely, John Kasich joins Mike DeWine as being the only Republican candidates for statewide office to be endorsed by neither (although the BFA has yet to endorse in the Auditor’s race, but it’s expected they’ll endorse Yost since they endorse him in the primary.)

“The Buckeye Firearms Association represents the interests of an important group of people in Ohio, and I am honored to have received their endorsement,” Cordray said. “The right to keep and […]

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Apparently, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police issued their endorsements today.  Here’s the list with some thoughts and obligatory press release quotes from the campaigns after the jump:

Governor: Governor Ted Strickland Senate: Rob Portman Attorney General: Richard Cordray Treasurer: Kevin Boyce Secretary of State: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy Auditor: ???

Yep, you read that right.  The F.O.P. announced no endorsement in the Auditor’s race between Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper and Deleware County Prosecutor David Yost.  Given Yost’s present elected office, I would say that the lack of a law & order endorsement by the F.O.P. hurts his candidacy the most.


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Yesterday, the Buckeye Firearms Association announced that they were endorsing Jon Husted for Secretary of State and announced today an endorsement for Josh Mandel for State Treasurer.  Amazingly, not a single conservative blog in Ohio, let alone a media outlet, has reported this yet.

Mandel’s campaign hasn’t even mentioned the endorsement on its website or Twitter, but Husted has it listed on his campaign website and Twitter.

In its endorsement, the Buckeye Firearms Association compared former House Speaker Husted’s quick vote (within three hours) to override then-Governor Bob Taft’s veto of bill that ultimately created the […]

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The Carpetblogger is never a disappointment in Iraqi Minister of Information (aka “Baghdad Bob”) level of political spin.

A month ago, the NRA endorsed Strickland for Governor.  Keeling wrote that’s okay because it doesn’t look like the Buckeye Firearms Association’s “widely read” forums supports the NRA on this endorsement.

Today, what does Keeling say about the Buckeye Firearms Association’s endorsement of Governor Strickland? That’s okay there aren’t that many Second Amendment single-issue voters out there and nobody follows the Buckeye Firearm Association anyway.

Keeling then claims that it’s okay, because the more these endorsements are pushed […]

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(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Governor Ted Strickland is scheduled on Monday to open the 2010 National Matches will once again feature traditional National Rifle Association Championships and Civilian Marks­manship Program National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches and CMP Games Events plus important training activities and special events like the Pistol and Rifle Small Arms Firing Schools at the Friends of Camp Perry Memorial Plaza, located at the opposite end of the entrance to Camp Perry on Lawrence Road.

Just look what this opening ceremony involves:

The prestigious First Shot Ceremony is a col­orful kickoff […]

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