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A new mystery organization is boosting some green party candidates in hotly-contested Congressional and Senate races, including one in Ohio, and it sure looks like a dirty trick.

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Allright. ?I guess I have to be part of the Green Party pile on. ?I have a lot of friends in European Green Parties, they’re great people, and they actually manage to get into office, thanks largely to parliamentary style party list systems. ?And once in office, they play ball, because that’s what politics is about. ?Try that one on for size.

And by the way, Greens in Europe still have to reach some threshold of support to get a seat in a proportional legislature, usually in the range of 5%. ?That often will get a Green a seat in […]

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Seriously, that has to be it.? Think about it.? He’s from Strickland’s old Congressional district, and he’s being doing nothing but issuing blog posts that promises to do things that Strickland has already done.

I cannot imagine a more effective vehicle for the Strickland campaign to educate progressives and all Strickland has done in his first term than this guy.

Today, it’s on education:

The Ohio Green Party supports equitable funding of all Ohio school districts, and we support the following three goals of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding:

Goal 1: Develop a […]

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