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So what if you threw an event celebrating the diversity of a movement and no diversity actually showed up?

On these here Interwebs we call that #fail.

The Tea Party bowel movement was desperate to show that it really wasn’t the Angry White Man Party by throwing a “Uni-Tea” rally. Shame on the nasty NAACP for calling them racists. They’d show them. An overflowing level of support from people of many different races, colors, and creeds. Right.

Um…no. I hate to hearken back to days of old and bring up another GOP diversity fail – what […]

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When you can’t even get John Kasich’s hometown newspaper to unflinchingly peddle your crap, Game Over, man.

‘Member yesterday how DeWhine attacked the Strickland Administration for giving $6 billion in bond work to Lehman Brothers?  Turns out that Lehman’s role in that bond was, well, as insignificant as Kasich’s and Lehman Brothers’ roles were in launching Google.

The Strickland administration also said Lehman Brothers and Barclays played a minor role in the bond deals highlighted by the GOP. For example, Lehman was one of 18 co-managers on a $5.5 billion bond sale in 2007, and the […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog shows just how twisted the NRCC has to get to attack Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s role in passing comprehensive Wall Street reform passed:

The committee, which backs Republican challenger Steve Stivers, said provisions in the bill will benefit trial lawyers and unions, which happen to be among Kilroy’s most stalwart financial supporters.

Lawyers will benefit from lawsuits that result from disputes over “ambiguous language” in the bill as well as provisions that allow whistleblowers to be anonymous and hire lawyers to represent them, the GOP committee said.

The group […]

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After Tim read  my post yesterday about Keeling’s rushed eagerness to push a poll in the Auditor’s race that was clearly questionable on its face, let alone when you did a cursory review of the pollster’s “credentials,”  Tim said something I hinted at the beginning of my post.  Yesterday’s post by Keeling was even hackish even for the Carpetblogger (I’d note that Matt Naugle and other conservative bloggers didn’t rush to tout this poll.)  So, Tim asked, why did Keeling?

I’ll tell you why.  Keeling, and by extension, Camp Kasich have been very nervous about the Auditor’s race.  […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reported that in response to Governor Strickland blaming the Senate (mostly Republicans) for filibustering extending unemployment benefits John Kasich agreed with Strickland.

John Kasich agreed that the Republicans are wrong to oppose extending unemployment.


Asked whether Kasich opposes or supports an extension of unemployment benefits, Rob Nichols, campaign spokesman, said in an email that "John believes that it needs to be extended." He offered no further explanation.

In other news, John Kasich’s campaign will walkback unemployment statement in 3…. […]

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The good thing about a statewide poll where you have two largely unknown candidates is that it demonstrates the partisan barometer.  And the Quinnipiac shows that Ohioans aren’t as crazy about Republicans and the Tea Party as Old Media has led you to believe.

The Quinnipiac poll has been the only poll to test Ohio voters attitudes on such things and here’s what it found:

While voters are generally split on their opinion of the Democratic Party, Ohioans have a net negative six point opinion of the Republican Party. Male voters are split on the Republican Party, but have a […]

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This was Kasich on Toledo television earlier this month:

Here’s John Kasich’s campaign’s response yesterday  to protests by Youngstown city officials over how Kasich’s tax plans will bankrupt Ohio’s cities and local governments and force them to raise taxes:

But a spokesman for the candidate tells us the measure being discussed was proposed by a state lawmaker — and has never been part of Kasich’s campaign.

The spokesman adds the income tax measure itself was defeated months ago, and is no longer even being considered.

John Kasich just threw the entire Ohio GOP legislative caucus under his […]

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I’m sure you all saw this clip of Carly Fiorina, GOP candidate for Senate in California, but here it is with a little message from a friend of mine.

Funny and cringe-worthy. All in under 30 seconds.

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Well, this should end well.

Jim Heath over at ONN just tweeted:

“Ohio Republicans dropping NRA memberships. Encouraging others to join gun owners of America.”

Yes, the Ohio Republicans should drop their membership to the NRA and join yet another gun rights group that positively will not be endorsing John Kasich in the fall after his multiple anti-gun votes.

By all means, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine, please, please, PLEASE declare war on the NRA during a critical election season.

Tell every sportsman and gun owner in Ohio that if they stand with the NRA for supporting […]

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It would not appear that this could get any better. The absolute hilarity and GOP #fail that is America Speaking Out. Get better it does:

“The Microsoft TownHall software, which is the underlying software on which the America Speaking Out website was built, is available at no cost,” Microsoft spokeswoman Sarah Anissipour said in an e-mailed statement. “Customers only pay to host their TownHall solution on Windows Azure, which is available using a scalable, pay-only-for-usage model. The number of people visiting a website does have a direct correlation to Windows Azure usage.” Translated out of P.R.-speak, that means […]

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What happens when you don’t have an agenda with which to fight the godless communists who have taken over our country?

Apparently you ask the Internet for one.

What happens when you ask the Internet for one?

The Internet pwns you, that’s what. Oh and we all get a side of LOL fantastitude.

Enter one America Speaking Out. Here is what John Boehner thought would happen:

“I would expect the ideas that come out of this Web site and the involvement of our members will lead to ideas that we can attempt to implement today,” […]

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