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ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine clearly doesn’t think a failed County Auditor candidate/freshman do-nothing State Representative is the best chance for the GOP to stop David Pepper from winning the Auditor’s race, or else he wouldn’t have recruited former AG candidate David Yost to challenge the freshman.

Of course, just as when Taylor damaged her brand with conservatives by jumping ship and running on the Kasich ticket, Yost did the same as well.

Now, those conservative bloggers who cannot hold their tongues are publicly fuming that the GOP has somehow navigated from a likely incumbent re-election on an Apportionment […]

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Jon Keeling is going to go down as the Sun Tzu of Ohio Republican political strategist with today’s post.

First, let’s clarify a few things, this post is a trial balloon by the Kasich campaign.? Jon Keeling has demonstrated that he doesn’t write a single thing without the Kasich campaign’s involvement.?? He even mentions in the post that this is what he’s hearing, so this isn’t just his personal opinion.

Second, nobody cares about who Kasich’s running mate will be.? God bless lil’ AK Bulletsauce, but the image he tries to create of Republicans circling the block waiting […]

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GOP Blog Obsessed With Dems

On January 2, 2008 By

The Ohio Democratic Party’s blog doesn’t get updated very often, but when it does- the news is usually good. The posts are about positive things the ODP or Ohio Dems are doing.

But State Of The Union, the Ohio GOP Blog, seems to be following the lead of former-RAB blogger Matt Naugle: attack the other party for everything they do.

It’s gotten so bad over at the GOP blog that Ohio Republicans are mentioned at all in the past 10 posts. Democrats, however, are mentioned a lot: 6 posts are about Governor Ted Strickland, 2 about AG Marc […]

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