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It only took 24 pages.

I picked up the book to give it another try after Thanksgiving. My annoyance with the first 15 pages had faded. All I remembered was the boredom. So, I gave it another shot.

Then, on page 22, she quoted “french writer Blaise Pascal.” I wondered if that was someone I should know from college philosophy or political science. Couldn’t recall, so I made a note to google it.

But within two more pages, when Palin supposedly quotes Plato, I had had enough. I closed the book, put the cover back on and stuck it in […]

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Infrastructure Fairies?

On November 24, 2009 By

Honestly, I did not think Going Rogue was going to be any sort of challenge to read (of course, I also didn’t think I’d be in the process of buying a house this week!).

But the book is boring.

After reading a page or two, I think to myself, “Why did Sarah Palin think anyone would want to read that anecdote?”

And then there are the times she just confuses me.

One example: in the first few pages of the book, she wrote that when oil production started booming in 1977, “billions of dollars flowed into state […]

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I bought the book yesterday. I seriously considered going to a bookstore in another town where there was no chance of me running into someone I know or having the cashier recognize me, but I just took a deep breath and went into my neighborhood B&N.

Then, I circled the store. Who knew buying a book would be stressful (especially for a book addict like me)!?

I picked up the latest US Weekly and Harper’s (which has a cover story about the future of newspapers) and then took the plunge, grabbed the book and headed to the checkout.

I […]

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