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Please please PLEASE tell me this is satire:

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FauxNews lies and I sigh:

Facts are such mushy things.? Same as it ever was.

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Looking like today will be an historic day.? Years of battles with obstructionist GOPers and recent intense months of continued obstruction and tea bagger insanity gives way to the passage of healthcare reform.? Marcy Kaptur backs away from the Stupak bridge to announce she’s on board.? John Larson says the votes are in hand.? We’ll know this evening whether this was true.? I’m hearing 217-214 in a stunning display of partisan obstructionism on the part of Republicans.

The good news is that our own John Boehner will be proved a spectacular failure in declaring the bill will “ruin […]

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Jon Stewart again shreds the Beckster:

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Glenn Beck recently addressed a false rumor that he was killed in a plane crash over the holidays (video after the jump). Apparently a “major news organization” called his business partner to get a statement on his fatal plane crash.

I wonder if anyone has called to get a statement on whether Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990?

Why won’t Glenn talk about this obvious rumor like he did the obvious rumor that he was killed in a plane crash? Maybe it was just to make the eat chili and Ex-Lax and take a […]

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Diaried at Kos.

This week, Cleveland’s city planning commission denied permission for Nike to replace the giant 10 story Lebron James banner across the street from Quicken Loans arena with this new one…

…for obvious reasons.

Commission member Norman Krumholz called James’ image on the mural “terribly negative.”

James’ grim visage and hardened stance play to a stereotype of young, urban black men as menacing and aggressive, a city design-review official said Thursday.

Stanley Miller, executive director of the Cleveland NAACP, said in an interview Friday that the James mural […]

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Saw this over at Harding’s PO blog. Glenn Beck apparently lost his arbitration on the rape and murdered a young girl in 1990 satire meme. The owner of the domain was obviously protected under the 1st Amendment. Funny Glenn never stood up for this right given how big he is on The Constitution and all.

In a big middle finger to Beck, Isaac Eiland-Hall sends him a letter doing a victory lap and then turning the domain over to him. Classic. LOL.

Still no word on whether Glenn Beck actually did rape and murder a young […]

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Doubling down on the Fox superstar, eh Rupert?

The funniest part of this for me is when I first read it at HuffPo they included Murdoch’s quote as “On the racist thing, that caused a [unintelligible],” Murdoch said in an interview with his Sky News Australia over the weekend.”

“Unintelligible?”, I thought. I bet I can figure it out. I’ve watched this damned video at least 10 times now and I have no fucking clue what the hell Rupert is saying there. That caused a what??? LOL

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This comment by Jeff Hess over at Tim’s place made me finally comment on this Glenn Beck advertiser boycott thing:

Here?s the piece of data missing from all of this:

Are these 57 companies pulling their advertising from Beck?s show but not from Faux?

In other words, is Faux collecting the same amount of money from these same companies and simply shifting advertisers around?

I don?t watch TV, but it would be interesting to know if the number of minutes on Beck?s show has remained the same or is he actually running more editorial and less advertising.

If the […]

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Glenn Beck Hilarity

On August 29, 2009 By

Absolute unadulterated hilarity:

How do you deal with people who only know how to cry racist? LOL. Boy do I love irony. Beck is afflicted with conservative self-awareness absence syndrome. Alcoholics and drug addicts will save this country. ROFL. What a pathetic segment.

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