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National: An End To Food Stamps?

Fox News is currently asking whether the federal food program for people in poverty should be eliminated because of recent data about program fraud. Creating the impression that there is widespread fraud in a federal program is the first step in a messaging war that will be waged as the right-wing prepares to introduce a budget that cuts spending on vital programs in order to pay for a diverse array of tax cuts for the billionaire class that helps keep them in office.

The Washington Post rightly notes that this $70 million in misspending represents just 0.09 […]

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NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd is on the receiving end of a social media shitstorm today, all thanks to the incredibly poor reputation of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

It all started earlier today with this tweet:

I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Until I realized that Husted and Todd agreeing that our process for drawing legislative and congressional districts is broken and needs fixed is not controversial. It’s actually something I agree with. Husted even has a half-decent plan floating out there if both sides could agree to implement it in a reasonable period […]

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From the Voters First Team

Every ten years in Ohio, the political party in power has been drawing Congressional and state legislative districts to protect their jobs and their friends.  This year we have seen it reach a particularly disquieting  point (made possible by the convergence of technology and unrestrained political ambition) that politicians are choosing their voters instead of the other way around.  This is of particular concern because if the deck is outrageously stacked in the favor of one particular candidate, general elections become a mere formality and having only the illusion choice (or in some cases only […]

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