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What’s a campaign staff look like after they lose a presumed 17 point lead and end up in a dead heat the weekend before the election?  Maybe we should ask Kasich campaign director Beth Hansen.

Word on the street is that the boys club that makes up the John Kasich inner circle is now very much on the hunt for a scapegoat, and Hansen is in the running.  Hansen is the only woman at the top of the campaign staff.  Far worse for Hansen, though, is her George Voinovich pedigree.  Hansen has been Voinovich’s top staffer in Ohio for a […]

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Come on. This ain’t hard.

The Republican ones. Of course!

True Majority has teamed up with Oil Change International to let you find out. Transparency good, right? Here are mine:

Let’s see. The only Democrat on the list took less than $5,000 and voted 50/50. Doesn’t sound like influence to me. You? The three Republicans took $390,517 and voted overwhelmingly for the oil industry interests. Still playing the pay for play game I see. When will they learn?

Be sure to plug in your ZIP and get informed!

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The latest Poll from Public Policy Polling shows Barack Obama with a 50 to 39 lead over John McCain in Ohio…

Obama leads by equal margins among men and women, and has a four point lead with white voters while also holding a dominant 75-21 advantage with African Americans.

“Barack Obama appears to be enjoying a strong unity bounce in Ohio,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “He begins the general election campaign in a strong position in the state, and Ohio is one place where putting Senator Clinton on the ticket seems likely to give […]

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This week George Voinovich helped introduce another anti-choice bill in the US Senate aimed at limiting access to abortion services for pregnant women.

The bill is also being sponsored by Sam Brownback and David Vitter- a couple of real nutjobs when it comes to this issue.

Brownback has a long anti-choice history, a 0% rating by NARAL and at one time compared abortion to slavery.

Vitter is even worse. He seems to lack any respect for women whatsoever. Besides cheating on his wife – as revealed by the DC Madam scandal – Vitter tried to introduce an amendment […]

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