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Word is either the owner, boxing promoter and all around insane person, Don King, or George Forbes, Mr. I Am All Black Power In Cleveland himself, had to dip into their own pockets to pay the staff. ?Major advertisers have pulled their money in protest of the cartoon portraying Nina Turner as Aunt Jemima for her support of Issue 6 in Cuyahoga County.

I smell an apology coming.

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Nina Turner for county exec?

On December 18, 2009 By

Online only piece at the Indy.

However, Nina Turner isn?t much of a fundraiser. Turner?s latest campaign finance reports show her raising less than $25,000 in 2009. If Turner is going to run for county executive in the fall of 2010, she?s going to have to raise a mountain of cash, fast. There?s no group of people capable of […]

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Larry Durstin of the Independent got himself a nice scoop.

As a ?black-conservative? columnist for the Sun papers, Caesar was known for his anti-affirmative action stances and Phillip Morris-like characterizations of lazy young blacks….When reached by phone, Caesar does not deny authorship. ?I?m not dealing with this bullshit,? he yelled. ?That Nina Turner shit is over.?

Oh, Powell, that shit ain’t no ways over, not by a long shot. ?The Call & Post just lost two major advertisers over the Aunt Jemima cartoon. ?I suspect more will follow.

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Here we go.? The Diversity Center, whose president & CEO is Lee Fisher’s wife, Peggy Zone Fisher, today issued a condemnation of the Aunt Jemima depiction of Nina Turner by George Forbes’ Call & Post.

We call on the Call and Post to retract its November 25, 2009 depiction of State Senator Nina Turner and apologize to the entire community.

Anyone think Lee Fisher has anything to do with this statement?

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Welcome to the circus of Cleveland racial politics, everyone!? Woohoo!? Make sure you have plenty of popcorn!? So what the hell is going on here?? Simple.

If you had any doubt that Issue 6’s passage in Cuyahoga County has created in a single county executive one of the most powerful elected positions in the entire state, erase that doubt now.? How can you tell?? George Forbes has crawled out of his hole.

And who the fuck is George Forbes?? He’s the most powerful clown act to ever grace Cleveland politics.? From 1973 to 1989, Forbes was president of Cleveland City […]

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