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McCain’s TV Funhouse

On March 12, 2008 By


Made me think of this:

oh, and this too:

“John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years,” McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. “Obviously I would entertain it.”

How much fun is this gonna be? Hillary, come on. Step aside already so we can get the REAL party started!

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George “Waterboarder” Bush

On March 9, 2008 By

…so THAT’S what the “W” stand for!

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Illegal foreigner…

On January 28, 2008 By

One of Bush’s visitors tonight at the SOTU is actually prohibited by US law from being here in the states. HT Sullivan.

Tatu Msangi, a nurse and single mother from Tanzania: Tatu Msangi is a 35-year-old single mother from Tanzania. When Tatu became pregnant, she went to the antenatal clinic at KCMC and discovered she was HIV-positive. Tatu enrolled in a Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) program and delivered a healthy daughter, named Faith. As part of her treatment, Faith received a dose of nevirapine after she was born. She is now over two years old, and she […]

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After meeting with his economic advisors today President Bush declared:

This economy of ours is on a solid foundation, but we can’t take economic growth for granted and there are signs that cause us to be ever more diligent to make sure that good policies come out of Washington

Yesterday he said he was thinking about some sort of “stimulus” package.

Oh boy! Isn’t that was his 2001 tax cuts were supposed to do? Stimulate the economy?

How’s that working out for you, Mr. Bush?

The housing markets are a mess, gas is over $3/gallon, oil just topped $100 […]

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Obstructionist GOP

On December 20, 2007 By

It’s official – the Republican minority in the Senate has surpassed the all-time record for obstructionism in the Senate in just half a session of Congress by blocking more bills via filibuster than any Congress before them.

A new report released today by the Campaign for America’s Future details the 62 times conservatives have used the filibuster to block legislation (or force modification of bills) in the first session of the 110th Congress. In just the first year of this two-year Congress, their use of the filibuster in the Senate topped the previous record, reached during the entire 107th […]

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Putin’s soul: black

On November 26, 2007 By

George Bush, after meeting Vladimir Putin in 2001:

I was able to get a sense of his soul, a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.

But this weekend…

The OSCE’s election monitoring unit announced earlier this month that it would not attend Russia’s election, saying Moscow had refused to provide visas to its staff.

Mr Putin said the boycott decision “was taken on the recommendation of the American state department”.

“The aim is to discredit the elections, but they won’t achieve their goal,” he said.

“We will certainly take this into account […]

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Here Come the Bastards (Video)

On November 14, 2007 By

Here they come

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American Exceptionalism

On October 30, 2007 By

American prominence on the world stage has not been due to some issue of “national character”; our people are not inherently different than people anywhere else in the world. But we have, in the past, had better educational resources, and a greater emphasis on science and engineering. But no longer.

Back in September, I wrote that America is out of touch and behind the times on climate change and economic reform. It is mired in a stagnant war that the rest of the west has abandoned or is abandoning. American global influence is in decline, the country having lost […]

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Well, not directly anyway. Speaking about the uprisings in Burma in a White House press briefing:

Q And the protests, themselves, seem to have been stilled. What do you make of that?

MS. PERINO: Well, unfortunately, intimidation and force can chill peaceful demonstrations. And reports about very innocent people being thrown into detention, where they could be held for years without any representation or charges, is distressing; and we understand that some of the monasteries have been sealed. Now, obviously, this has, again, a chilling effect on protestors, but we would ask that everyone show restraint and […]

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Jenna Bush, that’s who. Yes, the President’s (blond) daughter. When asked by Diane Sawyer if she supported her father’s “abstinence-only” plan.

No, I mean, not at all, first, because I?m not part of the administration. You know, I?m just my father?s daughter. ? I think that when we?re talking about keeping kids safe, and we?re talking about Ana and other kids that are living with HIV or other STDs ? kids need to have education; they need to be educated in order to make the right decision for themselves.

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A Nation of Bedwetters

On September 26, 2007 By

This article by Rick Perlstein perfectly underlines what a bunch of sissies we’ve been over the entire Ahmadinejad visit. I’ve made this comparison elsewhere – why can’t be behave like we did when Nikita “We will bury you” Khrushchev visited during the height of the Cold War in 1959?

Nikita Khrushchev disembarked from his plane at Andrews Air Force Base to a 21-gun salute and a receiving line of 63 officials and bureaucrats, ending with President Eisenhower. He rode 13 miles with Ike in an open limousine to his guest quarters across from the White House. Then he met […]

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