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Campaign finance reports were due today, and in all four of the downticket races — for Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Auditor — Democrats outraised their Republican counterparts. 

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If this keeps up, Jennifer will have plenty of money. ?We’re getting close to one rec’d diary a week.

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Thanks Sarah!

Guess who else is raking in the dough as Sarah Palin noisily returns to the national stage: her detractors. After months of trailing Republicans in fundraising, Dems raised $11.5 million in October, a record for a non-presidential year

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One Prediction Down, One To Go!

On October 19, 2008 By

Well, the news of Obama raising $150 million in September checks one prediction off my list. Only one more to go. Back in July, I told our readers this:

Obama will have a $100 million month

Obama will win in November and it won’t really be close

Remember who told ya. 😉

One down. One to go!

Obama Bomaye!

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That wasn’t even an OPTION in our poll to the right. I had no idea that this was even possible!


WASHINGTON – Barack Obama raised more than $150 million in September, a stunning and unprecedented eruption of political giving that has given him a wide spending advantage over rival John McCain.

The Democrat’s campaign released the figure Sunday, one day before it must file a detailed report of its monthly finances with the Federal Election Commission.

Obama’s money is fueling a vast campaign operation in an expanding field of competitive states. It also has underwritten a wave […]

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Official number is not out yet, but there’s this:

One official close to the campaign said that September’s fundraising haul set a new record, surpassing the $66 million Obama raised in August. Another aide, asked about the campaign’s take, would only describe it: “big.”

I’ve predicted that he’d have a $100 million month. I don’t quite think he’ll get there, but will stand by my prediction. This could be it.

Just put up a new poll. Let us know how much you think it will be.

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I just got an email from John McCain. It’s an urgent plea for contributions before the end of the month.

The reason is obvious: McCain has accepted matching funds and can’t take any more contributions after that.

The letter makes it sound like he is accepting matching funds because of some promise he made. The truth, of course, is he is such a poor candidate that he can’t even raise enough money from his own party to run a viable campaign.

But that doesn’t stop him from running with garbage like this…

“My friends, I have made many promises during […]

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Update: I guess the McCain camp is a bit worried about this because they pulled it from the campaign website calendar! Whoops.

The straight talking maverick is at it again. He’s skirting campaign finance laws he used to support and built his maverick appeal on. This time in Ohio. It’s a shell game, really. Though legislation limits individual contributions to $2,300, McCain and his rich friends have decided to skirt a law with his name on it by creating a financing structure in conjunction with the RNC.

Tim at Blogger Interrupted has a fundraising email nailing […]

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Please direct me to the outrage among our friends on the right back in March when John McCain held fucking FUNDRAISERS while in Europe on a trip very similar to Obama’s recent one. If holding actual campaign fundraisers during a trip abroad doesn’t smack of a political – instead of fact-finding – trip I don’t know what does.

McCain’s campaign has sent out an invitation for a March 20 luncheon at Spencer House — the neo-classical home built for an ancestor of Diana, the late Princess of Wales — “by kind permission of Lord Rothschild OM GBE and […]

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I guess the Denver Open Convention thing worked like a charm. Genius:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign says it raised $52 million last month.

I know people who don’t have the money, but gave it anyway.

So much for the move to the center destroying his donor base. So much for WSJ reporting (unless, of course the Obama campaign leaked this in a strategy to blow numbers away – which would again be genius). So much for Kos withholding his $2,300. Don’t need it. More than 23 of us gave $100 I’m willing to bet to […]

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The faux outrage over public financing is laughable when you remember the deal John McCain too with the devil back when he was an also-ran. Finally the Obama camp (normally timely with this type of thing), thumps Senator McCain over the head with it:

David Plouffe brought a prop to his briefing with reporter: a copy of John McCain’s signature on a state election document in which he attested that he’d be taking public financing.

“John McCain is spending tens of millions of dollars, we believe, unlawfully,’ he said, waving the document.

The details of the argument over whether […]

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