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It’s back! Friday Night Music Fights. If you’re OGP (original gangster plunderbund) then you know what to do. If ur n00b, then the deal is comment with your favorite version. We’ll score the bout in 12 rounds.

This is a triple bill. We have the author Curtis Mayfield:

We also have Al Green:

Finally, we have Matisyahu:

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Think it’s time we bring back an old PB tradition.  The Late Night Theatre.  If you’re not familiar with it, you should hit that link and check ’em out.  Doesn’t look like we’ve done one since last year.  Boo.  We also used to do something called Friday Night Music Fights that was fun.  We should start that up too.  Late Night Theatre is a music or funny YouTube – something we wouldn’t typical post but is good for a late night laugh or enjoyment.  Friday Night Music Fights compares an original song with a cover of it to determine […]

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First the original, by Soundgarden:

Now the cover by Johnny Cash:

Verdict? Cash in a 2nd round knockout. The original is fantastic and defines Soundgarden in a large way. They were a great live band and Cornell is one of the best rock vocalists ever. Cash, however, does the near impossible and makes the song not only his own, but redefines it completely – and pulls it off to perfection.

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This is a three way slugfest. In this corner we have The Rolling Stones circa 1964:

…and in this corner we have Muddy Waters circa 1954:

…and rounding out the threesome we have Foghat circa 1978 (Solid Gold baby!):

Eric says: Foghat by a TKO in the 8th round (Stones were knocked out cold in round 3)

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