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It’s been pointed out more than once that the only real solid support John Kasich has in the Ohio blogosphere is with carpetbloggers from Virginia. The homegrown righties don’t seem so enamored with the guy to be honest.

Kasich’s latest me-too policy proposal has Pullins a bit worked up. Let’s skip to the money quote right out of the gate:

The problem with John Kasich’s policy proposals is that they are as fraudulent as Lehman Brothers’ exotic investment products. Everything he is proposing is either illegal, unworkable or has been enacted into law already.

Damn son! […]

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“Do we start with hear no evil, see no evil, or speak no evil? Take your pick”

So great!

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Update: Joe voted in the Republican primary. Duh. Undecided. Um-huh.

Hey Joe. It’s transparent, bro:

Reaction to talking with Obama about his proposed tax plan: “I wasn’t impressed. In fact, it upset me. For someone to sit there and say you’ve done too good, and I’m going to penalize you now. In essence that’s what he said. I’m paraphrasing, but you done too good; I want some more of your money now. That’s wrong. That’s wrong across the board and I can’t imagine someone not agreeing with that. I can’t imagine America not agreeing with that,” Wurzelbacher.

His […]

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