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Atlas Bombed

On April 26, 2011 By

A zealous fan with more money than he knows what to do with invests millions of his own money in making a big screen movie adaption to spread the word of a literary tome with a cult-like following in the hopes of making a trilogy that will spread the cultural influence of the literary work to a much broader audience than has every received it and becomes part of the pop culture vernacular, only to see the first movie lose millions of dollars and bomb straight out of the gate.

What’s the difference between Atlas Shrugged: Part I and Battlefield Earth? Battlefield Earth is the only one that has at least covered 30% of its costs in box office revenues.

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I noticed on Twitter that the Governor is spreading his interview on Bill O’Reilly last night.  I also noticed that the Governor’s office is only promoting an edited version of the interview.   They’re not promoting the first part of the interview; dealing how SB 5 weakens union and makes Kasich anti-union.

Kasich: “I don’t want to be listed as an anti-union guy…”  Kasich didn’t get a single union endorsement in the election.  During the campaign he pledge to “break the teacher unions’ backs.”  He’s a national proponent of SB 5 (except, apparently, when he’s on […]

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This is actually on Governors’ YouTube channel.  Bill Hemmer, of Fox News, apparently hasn’t done the whip count in Ohio.  Again, you could fire every State employee or force them to work for free, and the savings towards the deficit is negligible.   This isn’t collective bargaining “reform.”  It’s a partial repeal of it entirely.

He claims this is about “job creation” in order to make Ohio competitive with Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  You know “right to work (for less) States.”  Ohio already had the stage set for economic growth.  Kasich is upsetting that recovery with this nonsense.


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Back in May, News Corp. Chairman/CEO Rupert Murdoch and his wife donated $10,000 each to John Kasich’s campaign.  Shortly after that, News Corp. gave $1 million to the Republican Governors’ Association.

In yesterday’s Politico, Murdoch admitted that he had his company’s PAC make the donation solely to help out John Kasich.  When asked if he ever considered how such an one-sided partisan donation could affect Fox News’ credibility, he said:

“It doesn’t reflect on Fox News,” he said. “It had nothing to do with Fox News. The RGA [gift] was actually [a result of] my friendship with John […]

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News Corp., the parent company of Rupert Murdoch’s “liberal” media empire that includes the Wall Street Journal, the  New York Post, and Fox News was recently revealed to have donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association.  The first time a media company has been seen actually lending financial support to a political party on campaigns it regularly “covers.”  I have to say “covers” in quotation marks because the coverage of the Ohio Governor’s race has been unusually one-sided.

The RGA has spent a reported $2 million on Kasich’s campaign.  Rupert Murdoch and his wife have donated $20,000 […]

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We’re getting some pushback from local folks within the “Freedom Alliance” about questions as to whether its a legitimate charity.  However, a recap of the story reveals that this isn’t some liberal plot to “smear” Sean Hannity.

I wrote about this issue back in March when this story first blew up when conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel first wrote about her review of the tax filings.

Schlussel never said that the organization didn’t help any veterans.  But she indicated that the notion that 100% of the proceeds of the ticket sales goes to scholarships to the children […]

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In a blog post written by a Toledo talk radio host for Fox News, John Kasich gets the worst lede imaginable:

If you were to stop folks on the street in downtown Cleveland today, you would find that most people are much more interested in the future of the Cavalier’s star forward LeBron James than in who might be Ohio’s future governor.

Brian Wilson takes about five paragraphs to then put on the usual Fox News b.s.:

Pleased unions then spent millions on ads that hammered Kasich for his post-Congressional, private sector work for Lehman Brothers. Surprisingly, those […]

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Did Fox News even do a story about the NRA’s endorsement of Strickland?  I doubt it. 

Meanwhile, Fox News continues to give Kasich, a political candidate, a national platform to run for office.  Maybe he’ll read his book on the air since nobody else is.

Or he’ll talk about UFOs over Lake Erie again.


But you know what he won’t do: explain his tax plan or talk basketball.

And why does John Kasich do so much work in one of the highest income tax states in the nation?  Why does Fox News?  Why did Lehman Brothers?  Oops.  I’ve […]

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Getting busier all the time, which means I dip into the media political discourse less, and more briefly than before. ?Oddly, this is clarifying, particularly on the Sarah Palin narrative, and the white haired Fox News audience’s blind love of her, and all she stands for. ?I’m not the only commentator who has noticed this anti-intellectual elitism in aging conservative Republicanism.

I just happen to have grown up with these people my entire life.

When I decided to go to college and then law school, they dismissed it, and me, as “college boy”, in precisely the same tone as Sarah […]

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Would this be considered a lateral move? 😉

Suzanne Sena, former primetime/late night news anchor on Fox News Channel, is back in front of the camera, this time anchoring for ONN: Onion News Network.

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Consider this my blood curdling scream or whatever. Tom Blumer, our favorite wingnut lunatic faux financial blogger hailing from the southwest corner of the state, has what he thinks is a compelling post up that claims he’s settled once and for all the issue of whether Fox News is fair and balanced or not. He claims they are and he can prove it. Surprise!

Aside: I once called Tom a motherfucker to make a rhetorical point. One he has not been able to defend as yet. He took it personally having thought I was actually calling him […]

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