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Mitt Romney has jumped with both feet into a foreign policy fight with Barack Obama. A fight waged with false attacks, by the way, but hey, he’s not going to let his campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.

The most recent FoxNews poll shows that not only does Obama beat Romney, handily, on the question of who voters trust to handle foreign policy, Obama is leading by 22 points among independents on the question of foreign policy:

Voters don’t trust Mitt Romney on foreign policy, so why go there?

My theory is that this isn’t really about […]

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I’m going to echo Eric’s thoughts on the Christmas Day testicle roast that now has America again looking at airport security, with Republicans already using the issue to attack our country’s president.

Back in the day before such calm leadership graced the White House this would be an opportunity to exploit the fears of the American people….Mouth breathing Obama bashing Palin sycophants only understand monosyllabic grunts that talk about Muslims, terr-rists, and war.? They don?t even recognize competent leadership when they see it.

I’m actually quite happy that Republicans came out the gate bashing Obama, even interrupting their Christmas […]

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Juan Cole tells us Bush has a great deal to do with Russia even thinking it could pull this off without retribution:

The run-up to the current chaos in the Caucasus should look quite familiar: Russia acted unilaterally rather than going through the U.N. Security Council. It used massive force against a small, weak adversary. It called for regime change in a country that had defied Moscow. It championed a separatist movement as a way of asserting dominance in a region it coveted.

Indeed, despite George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s howls of outrage at Russian aggression in […]

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PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama has expanded his lead over John McCain in the Tuesday through Thursday Gallup Poll Daily tracking rolling average, and now has a 47% to 41% advantage over his Republican challenger.

I’m admittedly not a big poll watcher at this stage in elections. I find them utterly useless, actually. I do like to watch for bumps and try to relate that to narratives or events of a given week, though. Obviously Obama’s overseas trip comes to mind here. Hard to say this is a bump from that – we’ll have to wait until next week […]

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What a fucking laughingstock. How McCain garners any foreign policy cred is well beyond me:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Militants killed more U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in June than in Iraq for the second straight month, a grim milestone capping a run of headline-grabbing insurgent attacks that analysts say underscore the Taliban’s growing strength.

Nice work fellas. Keep up the good work. Maybe send Browny over!

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It took 700 pages? Really??

File this under Duh!

DENVER (AP) — A nearly 700-page study released Sunday by the Army found that “in the euphoria of early 2003,” U.S.-based commanders prematurely believed their goals in Iraq had been reached and did not send enough troops to handle the occupation.

President George W. Bush’s statement on May 1, 2003, that major combat operations were over reinforced that view, the study said.

If you fancy the full 700 pages, go for it:

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…and thus begins the slow walk back to sanity. Apparently cowboy diplomacy doesn’t work afterall. The shoot ’em up style of the Bush administration (along with many wingnut bloggers who hail such jingoistic antagonism as policy) took a blow today:

Tonight, The Washington Note confirmed that the Bush administration will “ask Congress” to de-list North Korea from America’s “terrorist watch list.” This request will be made on Thursday — if there are no last minute, unexpected interventions.

Chalk one up for reason. Did we say Axis of Evil? Psych!

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Watching the McCain speech in the Atlanta airport. It got interrupted 4 times with war protestors. This guy is gonna get so hounded and tied to Bush it will be tough for him to get his message out otherwise.

Great work. Hilarious.

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The Guardian’s Michael Tomasky on Bush’s Knesset speech and the outcome leaving Obama up 1-0 in foreign policy clashes with John McCain:

Republicans used to beat Democrats on foreign policy every time. But now Obama is changing the nature of the fight

Changing the nature of the fight by doing what? FIGHTING! It used to be the GOP would smear a Dem. and they’d go all apoplectic about how awful it was and get on their heels. I’ve heard the Obama team refer to Kerry many times and how they won’t make those same mistakes. The kind of mistakes […]

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So says UN investigator, the BBC reports:

Professor Falk said he drew the comparison between the treatment of Palestinians with the Nazi record of collective atrocity, because of what he described as the massive Israeli punishment directed at the entire population of Gaza.

He said he understood that it was a provocative thing to say, but at the time, last summer, he had wanted to shake the American public from its torpor.

“If this kind of situation had existed for instance in the manner in which China was dealing with Tibet or the Sudanese government was dealing with Darfur, […]

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…6 months at a time:

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