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But then again, President Bush at least waited until AFTER the election before he admitted he’d break his no new taxes pledge.  Kasich did it Saturday some 17 days before Early Voting.

Notice what else is missing from Kasich in Saturday’s Dispatch?  Not only does he admit that he’s willing to consider abolishing tax expenditures (targeted tax cuts) to balance the budget, but there’s no mention by Kasich of his proposal to repeal Ohio’s income and estate taxes.  Only Governor Strickland brought it up.

The realities of, you know, having to govern are finally starting to sink […]

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Steve Stivers is having a little problem… Steve Stivers’ record.

Last week, Steve Stivers claimed he was FOR embryonic stem cell research despite his vote in the State Senate to ban funding for it.

Today, Stivers attacked Kilroy over her support for cap-and-trade:

“Liberal special interest groups are at it again. Rahm Emanuel’s little brother and his Hollywood friends think they know what is best for the voters of Ohio’s 15th District. They had the audacity to run an ad in the Columbus Dispatch that leads people to believe that Cap and Trade is good for […]

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Yesterday, GONGWER reported Ohio House Minority Leader Batchelder said this in response to questions about John Kasich’s income tax proposal:

 “It was never his major proposal,” Mr. Batchelder said.  “It was something he had discussed at one point, and very frankly I think that it’s very clear that with the economy where it is now, that kind of a change cannot be made.”

“When he originally said it he said very carefully that it depends on the economy,” he said.

If I were still a reporter, I would have turned off my digital recorder and politely told the House Minority […]

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We all knew it was just a matter of time before John Kasich abandoned his calls to repeal the Ohio income tax—a proposal he offered solely to fend off a primary challenge by throwing the reddest of red meat the the reddest voters in the State of Ohio.

Today, John Kasich’s campaign spokesman claimed in a published media report that Kasich “hasn’t specifically called for eliminating the income tax and that all budget issues should be considered.”   

The problem is that while Kasich has gradually pulled back on his rhetoric about repealing the income tax, until now, his […]

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John wanted to do a big photo op on an oil rig in the gulf. He had devised a narrative and he wanted a big media event to go along with it. The GOP has for weeks been saying drilling was the answer to our oil addiction, which is akin to saying growing more tobacco is the cure for your lung cancer. They’ve also been pushing a talking point myth that Hurricane Katrina caused no major oil spills or damage to offshore rigs.

First a quick McCain flip flop which will set the stage quite well:

During his […]

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So let me see, first you meet with these guys:

WASHINGTON (CNN) –- An official from the Log Cabin Republicans organization says the group representing gay Republicans has had a series of meetings with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Then turn around and meet with this guy (and friends):

June 26, 2008 2:56 PM

A late update to the schedule today — at 2:30 pm ET, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., met with some local conservative leaders.

Specifically, he’ll be meeting with Phil Burress, Mike Gonidakis, Harvey Hook, Chris Long, Dr. Jack Willke, […]

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