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Last Wednesday, InnovationOhio issued a press release attacking the Bureau of Workers Compensation budget (which like ODOT’s budget is considered separate from the rest of the State’s budget) for including nearly $1 million in funding for the Workers Compensation Council, an agency that presently has no director or staff whatsoever.

As this is the legislative baby of Speaker Batchelder and other conservative Republicans in the House, InnovationOhio’s press release was immediately attacked by State Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R-Napoleon) who attacked InnovationOhio was against “spending a few thousand dollars to protect injured workers.”

Which is, of course, hogwash.  […]

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As Governor Kasich and his allies boast about how JobsOhio is putting Ohio at the head of a “jobs race” among the States, several national media outlets question what the heck Ohio is thinking.

You know, liberal rags like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, which both have reported that many of these economic development efforts fail to make meaningful progress in improving an area’s economy, but do encourage businesses to engage in an incentives racket to pit one area against another.

When Kasich starts to lose even the Wall Street Journal, well, game over, man…. game over.

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As Speaker Batchelder and other members of the GOP-led House are getting earfuls at town hall meetings across Ohio over the Governor’s unpopular education budget, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Kasich’s budget hurts the Cuyahoga County school districts that Kasich actually carried in the district.

As the House GOP asserts some measure of distance from Kasich’s budget by introducing hundreds of amendments, a real debate is shaping up between the House GOP and the Kasich Administration as to whether the half a billion expected “Strickland surplus” should be used to reduce Kasich’s job-killing cuts or to replenish the State’s “rainy day” fund to please Wall Street.

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The Associated Press beat us to the punch.

According to the Associated Press, public records shows that it costs the Ohio EPA $4,300 in transportation costs and another $1,150 in venue costs so that Governor Kasich could lecture the employees for talking to the media and revealing that he was engaged in staging false political theater in claiming that his Administration had quickly resolved an air permit that had “languished” for twenty months.

The reality was that the permit had essentially already been cleared to be issued by the Strickland Administration after it was delayed due […]

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The Washington Post’s Ezra Kline wrote about Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ (who is absolutely, in no way, contemplating a ‘12 GOP Presidential campaign; he’s just trying to be helpful) recently announced plan for stimulating the economy nationally:

From my reporting, the problem wouldn’t be in the White House. It would be in Congress. I’ve asked a number of Republican offices whether they’d be willing to work with the Democrats on a payroll-tax holiday. Without fail, they’ve told me no, that they no longer support a payroll-tax holiday given the size of the deficit.

Hey, what’s the centerpiece […]

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This ad is so inside baseball, I don’t even have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

The RGA continues with their entire focus on Strickland because he’s the front-runner and incumbent, and, let’s face it, John Kasich has yet to offer Ohio anything to compare him to Strickland.

This ad is just terrible, but still better than the Incredible Hulking Kasich ad.

I don’t think most voters will understand it. And it invites Strickland’s campaign to boast about his fiscal conservative record… which is exactly what it did in response:

“The record is clear: Ted has made […]

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With defenders like these, Congressman John Kasich doesn’t need detractors.

State Representative Bill Coley (R-West Chester) today wrote a “guest column” that attempted to refute the Dayton Daily News editorial that discussed Kasich’s “dirty little secret” that he had virtually little to do with any budget surpluses in the 1990s but being in the right place at the right time.

However, in trying to refute the editorial’s point that Clinton’s tax increases on corporations and top earners didn’t harm the economy as Kasich and the GOP boldly predicted, but instead started the increase in revenues that […]

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The Dayton Daily News reports that the State ended its fiscal year last year with a $139 million surplus.  The State also cut spending around half a billion less than what was budgeted.

Somewhere, John Kasich is kicking something.

[Update:]  Jon Keeling likes to complain that Strickland supporters and the campaign refuses to talk about Strickland’s record.  However, I’ve pointed out that for the last four years, Governor Strickland has worked in  a bipartisan fashion to responsibly cut spending to keep the budget in balance, cut taxes in a reasonable manner, all while investing in the most important […]

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If you read the Carpetblogger, you’d hear him pine for the leadership of New Jersey Governor Christie for making the “tough choices” by balancing the State budget “without raising taxes.”

However, Steve Lonegan, the NJ State Director for the conservative Americans for Prosperity New Jersey, writes:

Underneath the hype that cocoons Christie’s budget is the fact that it grows state government by more than 6 percent – more than double the proposed 2.5 percent cap on local governments.

Beyond the rhetoric of phantom “spending cuts” is the fact that there are no layoffs in the bloated […]

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Wrong again, Keeling.

On March 18, 2010 By

Keeling on Twitter yesterday:

Wow. RT @allahpundit: Joe Barton says CBO score is over … $1 trillion

I assume Barton was talking about the cost of the bill over ten years, and not how much it reduce the deficit during that period.

Regardless, he’s wrong on both aspects.

According to the Washington Post, the CBO scoring shows the reconciliation version of health care bill:

will cost $940 billion over the first 10 years and reduce the deficit by $130 billion during that period.

This bill is not only fully paid for, but it […]

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Deep thought

On March 17, 2010 By

I wonder how many other ex-Kasich Congressional staffers former Kasich Congressional staffer Jon Keeling is going to interview in three-parts to discuss just how awesome John Kasich was in Congress?

Amazingly, “Scoop” Keeling’s unprecedented ability to interview his ex-co-workers is nothing more than Kasich propaganda.

For Keeling to do an interview that suggested that the Clinton Administration was not serious about balancing the budget before 1994 ignores that the Clinton’s first budget did reduce the deficit substantially (even though Kasich said it wouldn’t and voted against it.)

Keeling’s interview glosses over another point: that had Congress passed Bill Clinton’s budgets […]

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