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Thanks Anthony for the props

On January 23, 2009 By

Thanks to AFoss for highlighting work I did here as well as Tim @bloggerinterrupted. I like to think this kind of thing made a real difference.

PS – I’ve been remiss in noting and celebrating that Anthony has taken over the reigns of Ohio Daily blog from my friend Jeff Coryell (they’re both my friends). Seems to have recruited some excellent talent and the site looks OUTSTANDING!

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Apparently one of the people who forwarded this email is not at all happy that he was called out for it:

Don’t threaten me with what I can or can not forward, truh, half truth, jokes, beliefs. Nothing different than what we see on TV, hear on the radio, read in the paper and what our government tells us. We take it with a grain of salt.
As an independent, I keep my mind open and decide what is relative, reliable and worth ‘filing’
Your pompous, arrogant attitude has settled it for me,Thanks for helping me make up […]

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Apparently the email chain smear merchants are taking their cues from the McCain campaign. My inbox if blowing up with readers sending in smears. The latest has been out before, but it’s main headline reads:


Hence, the post title.

Here is how characterized it:

This widely distributed message is so full of misinformation that we find it impossible to believe that it is the result of simple ignorance or carelessness on the part of the writer. Almost nothing it says about Obama’s tax proposals […]

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I had to promote the following comment from my Jihad Candidate post. It’s just great and does a good job of making the case for fighting these things head on. All that follows is the comment:

I received “The Jihad Candidate” in my email today. It brought me back to the fear-mongering lies folks sent by email prior to the last Presidential election. My greatest concern is that Republican candidate supporters, in general, seem to have no qualms about forwarding political material filled with serious inaccuracies and logical fallacies, while the Democratic candidate supporters seem to demonstrate no […]

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So I got put in a pickle. Let me illustrate:

[rock] [eric] [hard place]

You see. I made it known how we were gonna fight anonymous email smears of Barack Obama:

1. Reply to everyone who got the email that you can tell (you may need to copy addresses from a quoted email that was forwarded). Tell them the truth.

2. Forward it to

3. Forward it to me and I’ll blog it (include the entire message including original sender/recipients)

All well and good until you get one from your own mother. This is how insidious this […]

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