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The Federal Elections Commission has notified State Senator Bob Gibbs (R), who is challenging Congressman Zach Space, that he must return over $50,000 in donations because they exceeded the lawful maximum donation amounts under federal law.  As BSB already noted, that’s around 25% of Gibbs’ most recent cash-on-hand total.

Over half of that amount is based on donations made by the Ohio Republican Party.  And despite getting a massive amount of apparently, illegal, donations from the Ohio GOP, Gibbs was still facing a 6:1 cash-on-hand disadvantage to Space.

Two weeks ago, I noted how the NRCC […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports with little appreciation of the significance of what they’re reporting:

This prompted American Crossroads to issue an “Are you kidding?” reply. The organization’s law firm said that all photos and video of Portman used in the commercial came from “public domain sources,” such as the Internet and YouTube. “Absolutely no material used in the ad was obtained from the Portman campaign web site or in any other way from the Portman campaign.”

So let me get this straight.  Karl Rove’s American Crossroads defense is because they got the materials from Rob Portman Senate campaign’s […]

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According to Real Clear Politics, the Ohio Democratic Party is going to file a complaint with the FEC alleging that American Crossroads, Karl Rove’s organization which is presently running pro-Rob Portman’s ads right now violated FEC regulations regarding illegal coordination with campaigns in making that ad.

The 527 committee’s ad showcases three photographs that originated from Portman’s campaign Web site and jobs plan document, and FEC rules state that using such photos constitutes an in-kind contribution that exceeds the legal limits.

An exception to the regulation allows outside groups to incorporate a candidate’s campaign material “that advocates […]

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Another standard play in the Lee Fisher playbook is the consultant driven, mundane media cycle milking, manufactured FEC complaint late in the campaign.? Here’s how it’s supposed to work.? Find some little thing in an FEC filing, gin it up to be some major SCANDAL, get your spokesperson to be “troubled”, on the record, get lapdogs like Steve Koff to get all breathless in print, which then leads to some “independent” filing of a “complaint”, which then leads to more breathless Steve Koff articles.

Only question is how quickly this gets into a negative attack ad.

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Nearly 2 million employees, remember. You’d think this would merit a front page story or maybe even a blog post:

According to a digital recording of a Wal-Mart meeting made by a Wal-Mart employee and reviewed by the WSJ, the meeting leader told employees that their wages may be reduced to minimum wage for up to three months before a contract is negotiated, that union authorization cards violate workers’ right to privacy by including their Social Security numbers on them and that if a small unit within a store votes to unionize, the entire store will be unionized.

“The […]

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Tim is all over The PeeDee and Bizzy Boy Blogger Tom Blumer this morning. It seems the two are up in arms over ACORN. The problem? 5 fraudulent voter registrations. Out of 75,000 submitted.


Of 75,000 submitted.

They find 5.

What’s that? Like .006%? Bizzy himself ought to know that this is a pretty damn good error rate. You might even describe this as “near zero”. General Motors would. Hell, even Honda would.

Yet the cries are loud from Wingnuttia today. You’d think the Plain Dealer would be objective, but apparently they’ve been […]

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The faux outrage over public financing is laughable when you remember the deal John McCain too with the devil back when he was an also-ran. Finally the Obama camp (normally timely with this type of thing), thumps Senator McCain over the head with it:

David Plouffe brought a prop to his briefing with reporter: a copy of John McCain’s signature on a state election document in which he attested that he’d be taking public financing.

“John McCain is spending tens of millions of dollars, we believe, unlawfully,’ he said, waving the document.

The details of the argument over whether […]

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