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So the Portman for Senate campaign is dropping this literature to try and win the farmer vote:

Portman Ag Lit

Is this the same Rob Portman who:

in an op-ed published in the Financial Times in October of 2005, laid out a proposal to cut subsidies to US farmers by 60%.  In addition, Portman proposed eliminating all export subsidies by 2010.  [AP, 10/10/05] in 2004, Portman voted against making permanent Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection for […]

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I shit you not. This fucker has some onions that’s for sure. “Judge, I’d like you to release my cow kicking and beating ass so I can go beat my own horses and light my cat on fire with lighter fluid”. If you thought dude was mental before, this just ties a nice tight bow on top of that assessment. He says he has some animals to take care of as a reason the judge should let him out of jail:

Plays the disabled veteran card. The law enforcement officer tests to take card. This guy is something else. […]

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