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Why are governments paralyzed?

On August 15, 2012 By

Saw this interesting article this morning on Project Syndicate.

Others argue that Western democracies have the opposite problem: a surfeit of narrow, politically assertive interests leads to underinvestment and poor tradeoffs between present and future opportunities and performance.

This brings us to a crucial obstacle: Government, business, financial, and academic elites are not trusted. Lack of trust in elites is probably healthy at some level, but numerous polls indicate that it is in rapid decline, which surely increases citizens’ reluctance to delegate authority to navigate an uncertain global economic environment.

The conclusions of this article seem fairly obvious to […]

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Building a Better Ohio’s entire campaign strategy seems to be essentially yelling “Liar, liar, liar” at the opponents of SB 5 between now and election day, as if opposition to SB 5 was based on a foundation of lies.  This, of course, would be more effective if, you know, Building a Better Ohio would stop lying about SB 5.

Take today’s argument by the pro-SB 5 campaign called “Reforms will Protect Ohio’s protectors” (which we’ve screen captured just in case they take it down):

So, according to the Building a Better Ohio campaign, if […]

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(HT: Bizzyblog)

The Tea Party organizations behind Issue 3, the totally unconstitutional constitutional amendment that outlaws an individual mandate for health insurance, released a video that highlights the signers of their petition and why they signed.  They highlighted roughly four individuals.

About two minutes in, they featured this testimonial:

Government-run health care… will… hurt…. MEDICARE?!?

First, even if you put aside that this amendment, if passed, is a unconstitutional nullity.  But even if it were, and it somehow passed, the amendment only addresses the individual mandate.  It has no affect on the Medicare savings in […]

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As the Ohio Republican establishment grows so frantically concerned about the lasting political harm Issue 2 may do for the Ohio Republican Party that some have even tried clandestine efforts to negotiate a truce with organized labor, you almost have to feel sorry for the vote of no confidence in Build a Better Ohio, the pro-SB 5 Republican campaign vehicle designed to try and stop SB 5 from being overwhelmingly repealed.

So what do you do when the talk of Columbus is about nervous Republicans wanting to bail SB 5?  I mean just think about it.  This would be like […]

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What happens when you spend much of your first year in office waging war against public employee’s retirement benefits?  Well, anecdotally, the Columbus Dispatch reports this morning you see a massive spike in retirements in the public sector as employees who were already eligible for retirement decide its better to retire now and get the benefits you were promised than risk what Governor Kasich and the GOP legislature is considering taking away.

So, instead of taking pressure off the state pension funds who had been battered by the collapse on Wall Street that start with Lehman Brothers’ […]

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Missing in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial about the Republican legislators effort in the legislator to put a health care repeal amendment (with the support of conserva-Democrat Senator Jason Wilson, who’s claim to fame was that he jeopardized his dad’s chances to succeed Ted Strickland in Congress by flubbing his dad’s nominating petitions, triggering a write-in primary campaign) on the ballot.

Tim Grendell, who is angling for a judicial appointment from the Kasich Administration and needs to do something to earn their good graces after opposing SB 5, is pushing for SJR 1, which would put on the Full Story...

During his 100 day celebration, after declaring his need to avoid “unforced errors,” Governor Kasich suggested that part of what SB 5 did was bring state government benefits more in line with the “shabby” benefits of private workers like a waitress at Bob Evans.  By bringing Ohio’s public employee union benefits, to the “shabby” benefits of minimum wage, non-union jobs like the waitress at Bob Evans saves the State money, Kasich argued.

(Source: Marc Kovac @ Ohio Capital Blog)

So, would the State of Ohio save money if it provided benefits like Bob Evans does?  No.


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Last Wednesday, InnovationOhio issued a press release attacking the Bureau of Workers Compensation budget (which like ODOT’s budget is considered separate from the rest of the State’s budget) for including nearly $1 million in funding for the Workers Compensation Council, an agency that presently has no director or staff whatsoever.

As this is the legislative baby of Speaker Batchelder and other conservative Republicans in the House, InnovationOhio’s press release was immediately attacked by State Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R-Napoleon) who attacked InnovationOhio was against “spending a few thousand dollars to protect injured workers.”

Which is, of course, hogwash.  […]

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On the eve of the vote on SB 5, the House Republicans just held a press conference in which they played this video produced by Governor Kasich’s office.  As evidence of how popular this bill is with local governments, they highlighted a video featuring three local government officials:

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart called for the elimination of all collective bargaining rights for public workers in his State of the City address in 2009.

Greg Hartmann was the Republican nominee for Secretary of State in 2006, and who supposedly still has statewide ambitions.

And Toledo Mayor […]

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Notice that a big Kasich fan was sending this post around on Twitter:

John Kasich: Earth’s Mightiest Governor (on Comics and Conservatism)

But the key metric to any Governor is jobs. Kasich will be most judged by how many jobs, whether directly or indirectly related to his policies, have been created under his watch. This is where most on our side say that lower taxes help create jobs, and belief that Kasich believes. His lower taxes is bringing a major motion picture (and the jobs that come with it) to Cleveland…

And all because Ohio’s taxes were […]

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I can’t believe this man actually said this, but it’s true.  Just when you didn’t think this one press conference couldn’t find another delicious layer of FAIL like a Bob Evans open faced roasted turkey sandwich, it does.  Here’s Governor John Kasich in today’s Columbus Dispatch, justifying the $8 million in incentives that the State is giving to help Bob Evans move their corporate headquarters to New Albany from Columbus:

"You look at these articles here and you see how these communities [Ohio’s cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Youngstown] are devastated because people are leaving," Kasich […]

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