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Plunderbund has heard from multiple sources that Republicans on the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) have discussed hiring David Hansen, John Kasich’s disgraced school choice chief, to run the county’s early voting center. The voting center is co-run by one Republican employee and one picked by the Democrats on the BOE.

Hansen was forced to resign from his position with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in mid-July after it was revealed that he illegally altered data on an official state report in order to improve the rankings of some large charter school sponsors and operators.  The illegal tampering was confirmed in […]

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In June, 2014, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor’s Chief of Staff and her assistant were forced to resign after a public record request from Plunderbund revealed both staffers were likely billing the state for hours that they were not actually in the office working.  A tip received by Plunderbund suggested the women were working on the Kasich/Taylor reelection campaign while being paid by the LG’s office.

Mary Taylor, not exactly a workaholic herself, vowed to get to the bottom of the issue.  In a memo to the Ohio Inspector General and the Ohio Highway Patrol, she asked both offices to pursue an […]

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Last month we broke the story about an investigation into Joe Rutherford, Kasich’s ODOT Deputy Director for District 5, that likely lead to his firing.   Documents obtained by Plunderbund now confirm that the investigation, conducted by ODOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity, found Rutherford retaliated against a female ODOT employee because of an earlier sexual harassment claim she made against a coworker.   The Civil Rights Act of 1964 strictly forbids this type of retaliation.

According to the investigation report, Faith Yarger, a 12 year ODOT employee, made multiple requests to transfer to an ODOT office closer to an ailing family […]

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Mike DeWine has taken another step against marriage equality.  He is continuing to fight against a federal court decision requiring Ohio to recognize a same sex marriage legally performed in another state.

The facts of this case, in case you forgot, are definitely compelling.   Two men, John Arthur and Jim Obergefell, wished to get married before Arthur died of ALS.  So they took a charter flight to Maryland, got hitched, and then sued to compel Ohio to recognize the marriage on a death certificate.  We can’t link enough times to the Cincinnati Enquirer must read story.

The couple won in […]

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A month ago we reported that Joe Rutherford, Kasich’s District 5 Deputy Director at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT),  had been fired and District 5 Business and Human Resources Administrator Colleen Ryan had been placed on administrative leave.   At the time we hinted that an IG’s investigation into Rutherford and Ryan was likely ongoing.

Since that last report, we have confirmed that the Ohio Inspector General is indeed investigating Rutherford and Ryan.    The Inspector General’s Office has not yet released the report and is not commenting on the investigation.

We have also confirmed that ODOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity has a […]

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Ohio Revised Code section 4901 establishes that there will be five commissioners for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and not more than three “shall belong to or be affiliated with the same political party.”

There are currently four active commissioners, with one seat vacant. Three of those spots have been filled with Republicans appointed by Kasich and one is held by a Democrat appointed by Governor Strickland.

As we found out yesterday, three Republicans is more than enough to destroy years of work on important green energy initiatives in Ohio.  Just imagine if there were four […]

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