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Welcome to Kasichistan, where even members of the General Assembly can’t get information about the budget they’re being asked to vote on from the government.

Frustrated by the inability or unwillingness by the Kasich Administration’s hearing witnesses to provide basic answers regarding the Administration’s school funding formula and education budget, two Democratic members of the General Assembly tried another route: ask for the information by making a public records request.  Traditionally, when a Member of the General Assembly makes such a request, even if the information sought was not within the strict confines of public records, the information would […]

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I’ve actually not fully processed today’s story that it appears several Democrats in the State Senate are now supporting SB 1—the bill that will create the private entity named RobsOhio.  But I thought I should at least play devil’s advocate to put the decision into perspective.

First, let’s remember that nobody who runs for office does so with the desire to not make a difference or to be politically irrelevant.  And, frankly, there traditionally has been no group treated as more politically irrelevant as the Senate Democrats.  During the last few years, it was only until Republicans were unable to […]

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DISCLOSURE: I am presently one of the attorneys representing David Krikorian and the Krikorian for Congress Campaign Committee in defense of a defamation lawsuit filed by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

Roll Call breaks the story that the Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and her arrangement with attorneys of Turkish-American organizations who have been providing her with legal services at no charge for a few years now.  Advancements of credit that the Congresswoman has yet to report as a gift or a loan in her annual congressional ethics filings. 

Schmidt attorney Bruce Fein declined to […]

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Last week, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announced she was creating a legal trust fund… to pay for her libel suit against former ‘08 Independent opponent David Krikorian (who ran, but lost, in the Democratic primary this year.)

Schmidt announced the trust fund after questions were being raised about who was paying her lawyers, who actually are from a Turkish special interest group… which is rather unusual in that it’s Schmidt’s unusually high level of Turkish fundraising and opposition to recognizing the Armenian genocide (not exactly a barn burner of an issue back home in the Second District, and yet, […]

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Welcome to the bizzaro world that is Sarah Palin for VP:

Gov. Sarah Palin wants a state board to review the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan — taking the unusual step of making an ethics complaint against herself.

Her lawyer sent an “ethics disclosure” Monday night to Attorney General Talis Colberg. The governor asked that it go to the three-person Personnel Board as a complaint. While ethics complaints are usually confidential, Palin wants the matter open.

The lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, also asked the state legislature to drop its own investigation into the […]

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