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Again. More examples of manufactured outrage from the left.

No wait…

Damn. I’m going to have to rename this posting series! It just so happens that this is a press conference in which Eric Cantor (R-Va) claims that Dems are really to blame for inciting violence and that his office was shot at! It’s reckless to use incidents for political purposes so why don’t you listen to me while I use a recent incident at my campaign office for political purposes! LOL

Sounds bad, right? Nah:

In an interview with TPM, a Richmond Police Department spokesman said the bullet […]

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I’m Eric Cantor and I’m the Republican Whip. I want you to know that we have idears too! We do! Ours are like totally different than the Socialist President and his Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac friends. Like, totally. So leave us alone! Our idears have nice soothing cartoon characters to make you think everything is OK and that we are not evil bastards out to rob you blind and reward our corporate paymasters:




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