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Okay, so I think you might recall I wrote a few weeks ago that I really wanted to see the flip side of the coin in the Strickland campaign’s media strategy and get them to start running positive ads on Strickland’s records.  And I know I wasn’t alone in saying it.

Today, the Strickland campaign announced that they are running two new ads into their rotation.  Both have business leaders talking about what Ted Strickland has done about jobs.  One of the ads highlights the Administrations commitment to green energy.

Pop the popcorn, take a gander, and tell me what […]

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Governor Ted Strickland and OSU President Gordon Gee were on hand for the official dedication of the currently largest solar farm in Ohio located in Wyandot.  The solar panels were all manufactured in Ohio.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the alternative energy mandate that passed as part of Governor Strickland’s energy regulation plan will require “at least 300 megawatts of solar power generation by 2025.” 

Spokeswoman Terri Flora said AEP plans to add about 10 megawatts of solar power annually from 2011 through 2024. Those additions can come from big farms similar to Wyandot or from multiple […]

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The Washington Post’s editorial board writer Stephen Stromberg points out some problems with Portman’s anti-“cap and trade” ad he released today.

And by “some problems” I mean it’s full of crap.

His plan relies on “support” — read: subsidies and other government interventions — for things that he likes — corn ethanol, nuclear power, natural gas, coal.

Some of these things might become an essential part of weaning the country off fossil fuels. Or not. We don’t really know, and that’s the point of cap-and-trade and other carbon pricing proposals — take the decisions regarding which green […]

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Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” must be the official campaign theme song for the Strickland-Brown campaign.  Yet, again, Strickland enters to it.

Strickland starts off with former OSU defensive back “Wrong Way” Jim Marshall:

“For four years, we’ve invested in our people.  For four years, we’ve worked to develop jobs that cannot be outsourced.  We’ve moved Ohio for a solid foundation that will support our great middle class.”

“Like Jim Marshall, it doesn’t matter how fast [John Kasich] moves, he wants to move us in the wrong direction.”

Strickland says we made Ohio on of the first in the nation […]

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Rob Portman is hitting the airwaves with this new ad opposing cap-and-trade.

It’s an interesting move in that given most of the electorate (including, purportedly, nearly half of Ohio Republicans) don’t know Portman, I’m surprised he didn’t start off with a soft biographical spot.

The ad really is pretty good.  No distracting visuals.  A crisp, clear message that is well delivered whatever you think of its merits.  It’s a substantive ad that avoids even mentioning Fisher and doesn’t even come off as a negative ad.

Portman’s clearly banking that no viewer will go to his campaign website and read his […]

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One of the provisions in the state budget passed last year was the creation of renewable energy districts.  WKYC in Cleveland notes that the City of Cleveland and sixteen suburbs are the first communities in the State to take advantage of the new program.  In fact, it might be the first of its kind in the entire country.

As WKYC explains how the programs works and how it encourages the implementation of energy conserving technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive:

A Renewable Energy Special Improvement District is an mechanism which allows property owners in participating communities to […]

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When they weren’t busy end scientific practices that don’t seem to exist in Ohio anyways, the Republican-lead State Senate was able to reach an agreement with the Democratic House on restructuring the State’s tangible property tax credit so that it ceases to be a barrier to the development of renewable energy projects in the State.

As Dave Harding at ProgressOhio noted, the State’s tangible property tax was four to ten times higher than neighboring States taxes for renewable power projects.

From the Governor’s office:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill […]

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Here’s a pro-tip, if you’re going to write a blog post titled “OH Sen. Brown’s Dimwitted Remarks Over Oil Spill,” then at least find something dim witted about Senator Brown’s remarks.

Instead, “One Oar in the Water” says in response:

Maybe we should explore the effects of big government on the environment and energy industry? Maybe we should explore the lack of oversight Congress failed to exhibit all these years over the energy industry?

These are just a few questions Senator Brown might want to ask, but surely the oil spill in the gulf points to too much […]

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Well, that didn’t take long.  I now know why Rob Portman has been entirely silent about the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico– he’s been paid well to keep quiet about it.

Despite running in a Midwestern state not known for having a vibrant oil industry, Rob Portman has accepted over $125,000 from the oil and gas industries’ PACs. Specifically, Portman has already accepted several thousands of dollars from Halliburton’s PAC.  In fact, Portman’s campaign most recently accepted $1,000 from Hailliburton’s PAC as recently as May 3rd when the national media began to question Halliburton’s role in […]

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Coda Automotive, which plans to commercially sell an all-electric car later this year, has announced plans to construct its battery manufacturing plant in Columbus, the Columbus Dispatch reported today.

The plant would create an estimated 1,000 jobs.  However, Coda announced that it is relying on being awarded financing by the U.S. Department of Energy for much of its plant’s start up costs.  The State’s Controlling Board must also approve an incentive package as well.

Kevin Czinger, Coda’s chief executive, views the battery as the most important technology in the vehicle. The debut sedan will have a range of […]

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Today, Governor Strickland announced a partnership with General Electric and the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation to develop the first fresh water offshore wind farm in North American.  Gov. Strickland made the announcement at the American Wind Energy Association’s annual WINDPOWER Conference in Dallas:

Ohio’s greatest potential for creating wind energy is offshore in Lake Erie, and this partnership marks a significant step forward,? Strickland said.  ?In Ohio, we have all the right assets to make offshore wind energy successful, including an innovative workforce and the manufacturing strengths that would allow us to build all the component parts for wind […]

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